Prospects Lie!

Prospects Lie

PROSPECTS LIE! Yep, LIES! Prospects do the dirty dog, low-down, know it’s not true, kind of lying. Prospects lie because they don’t know what they want. Because they don’t know what they want, they lie to protect themselves from good, and bad, intentioned salespeople who are there to help them discover what they want. Obviously,…

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Good Buyers Make Better Sellers

Buying Is An Investment in Selling

More Than Selling Allow me to interrupt your old-school sales thinking for a moment with this revolutionary thought: “You’re a buyer; not just a seller!” The concept of being a buyer is difficult for salespeople, sales managers, and owners to grasp because they’ve only been programmed to understand the traditional selling model. Whenever they see…

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Overhead Charges: What’s Fair?

Roofing Sales Overhead Charges

The Overhead Charge As you might imagine, one of the more popular questions I get is about overhead charges. Overhead is the expense a roofing company charges against a job before determining the final profit. In the company where I learned the business, my overhead charge was 10% of the gross contracted amount. For instance,…

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Magical Princess Selling

The Magical Princess Selling Fairy Tale

BELIEVE IN FAIRY TALES? Your price isn’t too high; your value is too low. “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” – Warren Buffett When your value is lower than your price, regardless of what you’re selling (e.g. roof, appointment, first date, etc.), your deal is dead. Everything in life has a…

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Are You a “REAL” Roofer?


We all understand that selling roofs is not the same thing as installing roofs. The average consumer will generically refer to most anybody in the roofing business as a “roofer” — and it’s important to develop your “roofer” knowledge — but there is an important difference between “selling” a roof and “installing” a roof. If…

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