Roofing Talk at The Johnny Cash Museum

The Johnny Cash Museum

These are my original notes for my talk at The Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville, TN with Lowe’s ProServices in partnership with GAF Roofing. A special thank you to Alyssa Hall and her outstanding team for putting together this memorable event. 1954 The year was 1954. A young staff sergeant by the name of John…

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How Much Does a Roofing Salesman Make?


The simple answer is usually about 10% of the total roofing contract. The more complicated answer is, “it depends.” Your next question will probably be, “Well, how much is the average roofing contract?” The answer to that question isn’t so simple because averages will be based on several different variables that can change from region to region, neighborhood…

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Can I Make a Living Selling Roofs?

Scared to sell roofs

You’re thinking about selling roofs for a living, but you’re scared… scared to quit your crappy current job, scared of working on commission and scared of knocking on doors. Am I right? Don’t do it! You’re too scared. Why? Well, you’re really going to stink in this business if you’re scared. Prospects can smell the fear as soon…

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