The Secret Closing Technique

the secret closing technique.

I have a secret that I want to tell you… Maybe you haven’t made a dime yet in roofing sales, or maybe you’re making money, but you need to make more… either way, this article was written just for you. If you’ll read the entire article, top to bottom, you’ll learn the secret closing technique…

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Roofing Sales Mastermind September 2015

Roofing Sales Mastermind

Dropping The Knowledge Bomb The Money & The Leads. The Leads & The Money If you’re already a member of the Roofing Sales Mastermind, login right now for the September 2015 Mastermind Letter and your Bonus Audio Download. If you haven’t already subscribed to the all-new Platinum Newsletter + Roofing Sales Mastermind, you can subscribe…

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How To Make Easier Sales

Easy Roof Sales

EASY DEALS We all believe in momentum, right? It’s either working for us or against us at all times. Momentum never takes a break, it just changes direction. Let’s go beyond momentum and explore the force of velocity. DOMINOES If you’re like I am, you remember playing with dominoes when you were a kid. We…

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Is Facebook a Bad Investment?

Is Facebook a Bad Time Investment?

Investment I’ve been talking about “Investment” on Facebook for awhile now. “The #1 Rule of Investment is to only invest where you’ll get a return worthy of your investment.” While I seldom invest more than a few hundred dollars in Facebook advertising every month, I have invested a significant chunk of my time — which…

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Is Paid Training A Good Investment?

Should roofing companies pay for training?

Paid Training Should a roofing company pay for training? That’s a good question, isn’t it? Here’s how one reader recently asked it… Direct Sales Training Most of the direct sales opportunities I’ve worked in since I was young have not paid training. Shoot, some of them didn’t even have training, much less paid training. If…

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Good or Bad? 40% Commission

Is 40% a fair commission split for roofing sales?

Commission Rates This topic about sales commission rates comes up all the time… Specifically, salespeople want to know what a good commission percentage is for roofing sales? As you know, there are primarily two schools of thought when it comes to sales commissions. The first believes in paying a flat percentage of the total contract.…

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A Friendly Reality Check

Sunshine & Rainbows

I’ve never been a great recruiter for roofing sales.  Fundamentally, I have a sincerely held belief that it’s wrong to push another human being into a career where 9 out of 10 folks will fail inside the first 90 days. I think it’s wrong to promise endless days of sunshine to a person desperate for…

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