Are You Afraid of Success?

success in sales

It’s an honest question, “Are you afraid of success?” Honest questions are sometimes hard to answer honestly when the honest answer makes us feel uncomfortable. It’s hard to build a long-term business on a lie … just like it’s hard to build a relationship, a marriage, or anything else worth having on a lie. The stress fractures will…

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One More!


I’m telling you, you can do almost everything right and still fail. Only the right combination of numbers will open a locked safe. There is a key to start every car. If the key’s not right, you’re stuck. The difference between success and failure is often only a small change. One more push. One more…

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It’s A Shame To All Be The Same

Differentiate Your Sales Approach

SAME SAME SAME Pick a shingle. Any shingle. Pick a color. Any color. Pick an installer. Any installer. The overwhelming majority of consumers will NOT be able to tell a lick of difference in two roofs when the shingle and color are the same. Almost as many consumers will be totally clueless as to quality…

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A Little Mistake That Cost A Door To Door Salesman $1,000 A Week

Big Roofing Sales Mistake

Door to Door selling is an easy job… There’s no boss telling you what time to come in to work… and nobody will tell you what time to quit working either. That’s exactly what attracts so many people to the business of selling roofs for a living. It’s easy to do the work, but a…

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Maybe I Wasn’t Paying Attention

Opportunity For Success

There’s three things you need to succeed and take your roofing business to the next level. I’ve named them “Success Secrets” because they were hidden from me when I first started in this business, or maybe I wasn’t paying attention. Either way, these “Success Secrets” have been made crystal clear to me through the years.…

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