Good or Bad? 40% Commission

Is 40% a fair commission split for roofing sales?

Commission Rates This topic about sales commission rates comes up all the time… Specifically, salespeople want to know what a good commission percentage is for roofing sales? As you know, there are primarily two schools of thought when it comes to sales commissions. The first believes in paying a flat percentage of the total contract.…

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A Friendly Reality Check

Sunshine & Rainbows

I’ve never been a great recruiter for roofing sales.  Fundamentally, I have a sincerely held belief that it’s wrong to push another human being into a career where 9 out of 10 folks will fail inside the first 90 days. I think it’s wrong to promise endless days of sunshine to a person desperate for…

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Exclusive Leads vs Generic Leads

Digging For Roofing Leads

Selling Specifically We all sell somebody better than we sell everybody. An experienced salesperson learns to quickly identify the specific prospect profiles who fall within their unique persuasion abilities–one of the many reasons why door-to-door sales can be so rewarding. You aren’t looking for everybody. You’re looking for somebody, somebody specific, and when you find…

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Words Are Money

The Right Words Make More Money Than The Wrong Words

Money Talk A salesperson’s choice of words will help determine their level of success. Simple changes in how you express yourself can make a big difference in your commissions.

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The Truth: Online Roofing Leads

Internet Roofing Leads

* Print this article out and read it. The Truth I’m going to tell you something that will probably shock you… A big chunk of my personal income, the way I pay my bills, and feed my family, is dependent on me being able to generate online roofing leads for myself and other salespeople. “But,…

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I’ve Got A Story To Tell You

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It! - Walt Disney

Top 3 Things If you’re subscribed to my free newsletter, you’ll remember that taking my family to Disney World in Orlando was on my Top 3 Things list. My wife and I have always wanted to go, but making sure my kids experienced the magic – while they were still kids – was a major…

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Prospects Lie!

Prospects Lie

PROSPECTS LIE! Yep, LIES! Prospects do the dirty dog, low-down, know it’s not true, kind of lying. Prospects lie because they don’t know what they want. Because they don’t know what they want, they lie to protect themselves from good, and bad, intentioned salespeople who are there to help them discover what they want. Obviously,…

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