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Mike Coday Roofing Sales TrainingYour results are going to vary individually because nothing is guaranteed, but if you're ready to get the education you need to make money selling roofs, start by investing your time reading all of the articles on the Roofing Salesman website and subscribe to the 101 Sales Tips newsletter.

Resolute Roofing in Fort Myers, Florida: Lance, Justin, Warren, Mike, and Rex
Mike & Kevin

Kevin Barrelle from Barrelle Roofing

How Much Does a Roofing Salesman Make?

Chuck, Larry, and Mike

Chuck Allen from Rio Blanco Roofing and Larry Andrews from 777 Roofing & Construction

Roofing Sales Pitch Examples

Deitemeyer Brothers

Shawn Deitemeyer and Neal Deitemeyer from Deitemeyer Brothers

Good or Bad? 40% Commission

Before You Start Selling Roofs

You don't know what you don't know.

If you're thinking about a career in roofing sales, read this article first before you take that roofing sales job.

Shelly & Mike Coday

Business Strategy Consulting

Are you growing your own roofing company? Mike wants to talk to you about helping you build your business. Schedule a 15 Minute Strategy Session for only $15 using the form below.

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Mike is an inspiration to myself and everyone he meets. He has helped take Gladiator Roofing to another level.
Jennifer, William, and Mike

William Bigby
Gladiator Roofing

Mike knows how to connect with people and teach others how to do it better than anyone. I would recommend his training and consulting to anyone who wants to grow personally and professionally. I’ve been to hundreds of classes and seminars and Mike is one of the best! You and your team will be better off for sure!

Dennis Tuttle
Dennis Tuttle Team

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