3 Sales Steps To Make More Money

Aaron Haddock Commercial Roofing

Follow The Sales Formula

There’s only 3 things you can do to make more money selling roofs.

  1. Prospect
  2. Present
  3. Follow Up

It’s a dead simple system that’s as old as the game of selling itself. The best sales people in every storm practice these basic 1-2-3 steps religiously. They know that if you want to make more money, you have to tear yourself away from anything NOT on this short list.

Quick Summary

  1. Simplicity of the Sales Formula: The article outlines a straightforward three-step process crucial for success in sales: Prospecting, Presenting, and Following Up. This formula is time-tested and universal in the sales domain.
  2. Importance of Prospecting: Prospecting is highlighted as the most critical step, taking up approximately 80% of a successful salesperson’s time. It involves actively seeking out new customers rather than waiting for them to come to you, often through methods like door-to-door engagement.
  3. Common Pitfalls in Prospecting: Less successful salespeople fail to dedicate enough time to genuine prospecting. Instead, they get sidetracked by non-productive activities, indicating a lack of focus or fear of rejection.
  4. Relentlessness in Prospecting: The most successful salespeople are relentless, engaging with potential customers wherever they may be found and continuously seeking new opportunities. They understand the direct correlation between the number of people they engage with and their sales success.
  5. Value of Presentation: The opportunity to present a product or service is earned through diligent prospecting. Successful salespeople cherish the presentation stage as it’s the point where actual selling occurs and money is made.
  6. Skipping Steps Leads to Failure: Attempting to jump straight to the presentation stage without investing in prospecting is a common mistake. The article emphasizes that the hard work of prospecting enhances the value and effectiveness of each opportunity to present.
  7. Prospecting as an Investment: The analogy of prospecting as investing in gold underscores its value. The effort put into finding prospects is directly proportional to the value the salesperson places on the presentation opportunities they create.
  8. Follow-Up Strategy: Following up is essential but should be balanced. While it’s important to re-engage with potential customers, it shouldn’t come at the cost of seeking new prospects.
  9. Misuse of Follow-Up: Ineffective salespeople often misuse the follow-up step by repeatedly contacting the same few prospects without giving them space or seeking new opportunities. This approach can lead to stagnation.
  10. Cycle of Sales Activities: The article suggests a cyclical nature to these sales activities. After following up, a salesperson should return to prospecting and presenting, maintaining a continuous cycle of sales efforts to ensure ongoing success. This cycle underscores the interconnectedness of each step and the danger of neglecting any single aspect of the formula.

If you ever get lost and you’re not sure what to do with your day, just start at the top… Prospect!


This step is where the best roofing sales people on the planet spend 80% of their time.

The quitters, losers, grumblers, whiners and complainers don’t get anywhere near the 80% rule. Most of them struggle to hit spending 50% of their time getting out to prospect.

What are they doing?

They’re sleeping, grabbing donuts, hanging out at the office, taking a long lunch, driving around looking at damage, dropping off a few flyers, hitting 7/11 for a Slurpee, calling the office to beg for free leads, listening to the 80% brag about all their latest sale… they’re busy doing almost anything, but getting out to prospect.

The best are relentless about getting in front of people… as many people as possible, as often as possible.

And what’s their favorite way to get in front of people? Just like fishermen like to fish where the fish are… they go to where the people are… where they live… knocking on doors. They knock and knock and knock some more.

The best will talk to anybody and everybody. If they find somebody taking out their trash or having a garage sale, they’ll be right there in front of them… and then they’ll go find the next one. They take notes about where they’ve been and who they talked to.

The highest paid people in this business know that if they aren’t getting in front of people, they’ll never get to the 2nd step… Present!


The best roofing sales people on the planet don’t prospect for their health or because they need the exercise. They’ll walk, knock and talk for hours — or sometimes even days — just to earn the right to present their offer to one more qualified prospect.

Good people give up too soon because they didn’t get to present often enough because they didn’t prospect long enough.

Presenting is where you make the money… or have the opportunity to make the money. That’s no secret. Some sales people want to short-circuit the process and skip ahead to this step. I don’t blame them, but let me share this one thought with you…

Every presentation is the payoff from somebody’s investment. Think of prospecting as an investment… just like buying gold. You value most what costs you the most. Golden opportunities to present are taken for granted when they’re just handed to you. Learn to dig your own gold and you’ll naturally learn to be a better closer and make more money.

Follow Up

This is the last step to making more money and it should take no more than 10% of your time.

Following up with a list of good prospects is good to do, but not at the expense of finding new prospects.

Make your phone calls, drop a thank you note, but don’t spend all of your time beating up the same 10 people you’ve been calling over and over again all summer. Give them a break. Go find a new prospect… present to them… and then follow-up.