Advertising Rates


You’ve been asking about advertising rates

Roofing Salesman reaches an extremely loyal, targeted and rapidly expanding niche of roofing salespeople, roofers and roofing company owners.

We’re the #1 Roofing Sales resource on the internet. Unlike other roofing sales training sites, we’re absolutely free because of our faithful partners, private clients, and advertisers.

We’re offering (3) different ad slots on the website.

Linked Display Ads

336 x 280

Our 336 x 280 is our #1 performer and has the highest conversion of any ad slot because it is usually located in the heart of almost every article body. We see the most clicks, conversions and interest from this position.

Pricing for exclusive control of our #1 ad slot is $200 month-to-month or $900 with a guaranteed six month lock-in.

728 x 90

Our 728 x 90 ad slot is the top header banner located site-wide on all articles and pages throughout the site. It also has full visibility on our popular Category pages. This is an affordable option for branding with a lesser amount of clicks, conversions and interest than the more popular 336 x 280 above.

Pricing for exclusive control of the 728 x 90 is currently $125 month-to-month or $600 with a guaranteed six month lock-in.

468 x 60

The 468 x 60 is located site-wide just beneath the article title and also has full visibility below the page title (e.g. About, Quotes, Contact, etc.). There is no visibility on the Home Page or on the Category pages.

Pricing for exclusive control of the 468 x 60 is currently $50 month-to-month or $250 with a guaranteed six month lock-in.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are these rates good?
The rates quoted are subject to change and likely to increase during hail and hurricane season due to the marked increase in traffic. First come, first served. Once an ad slot is sold, it will be protected for the entire length of the buy. Rates are subject to change at renewal.

Can I include a tracking URL?
Yes. We want you to be able to track the traffic coming to your site from Roofing Salesman. You are responsible to create your own tracking I.D.’s.

How do I get approval to advertise?
Simply contact me using the website and submit your information. Obviously, we have to be a good fit in order for us to work together. I will need to pre-approve all advertising creative before it goes live on the website.

What formats will you accept?
Currently, we are only accepting display advertising in .jpg or .gif format.

If you have any questions, contact me.