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#1 Advice for Rookies

Advice for New Salespeople

If I could set the agenda for a rookie roofing sales person, here’s the #1 thing I would have them do every single day

#1 Knock on doors in a storm damaged area, preferably around roofs getting built that day (even better if they are your roofs), offering an appointment for a free inspection/estimate. Don’t quit until 20 people reject you to your face.

Notice I didn’t say, “quit after you get 3 appointments.”

Some days they will get 0 appointments.

That will frustrate them tremendously. They’ll learn how to do it better because they are investing their own time. Other days they may get 10 before 20 people reject them.

When they’ve knocked an entire neighborhood, have them go back and knock it again.

Sure, they’ll irritate all the people who would never do business with them in the 1st place, but they’ll also set several more appointments.

Once they have an appointment, have an experienced sales person go with them so they can learn how to handle the next step in the process.

Eventually they will give up because they’re not willing to set appointments or they’ll find their appointment setting groove and start making money.

People fail in this business because they don’t see enough people every day. It is just that simple.

Increase your activity and you’ll increase your odds of making money.


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