What You Need To Know About Roofing Leads

* Print this article out. The Lead The lead must be led. A lead is only as good as the salesperson working it. Good salespeople work good leads. Bad salespeople work bad leads. The Experience By the way, how do you think most of the good salespeople became good? That’s right, by door knocking! Nothing […]

Roofing Sales in Winter

We’re heading into that time of year again… That fresh hail storm from the spring or early summer is now 4, 5 or maybe even 6 months old. The out-of-town adjusters have all but left town. The neighborhood that once boomed daily with the constant clacking of nail guns have fallen eerily silent. The sun […]

Dear Thumbtack, I’m Still Mad!

Dear Thumbtack, It’s been awhile since we’ve talked. After our last phone call, several months ago, I lost all my enthusiasm for working with you — haven’t even spent another dime of the money I put on my Thumbtack account to buy leads. As an early adopter, I enthusiastically introduced you to several of my […]

Questions about Supplements and Longevity

I had two excellent questions today… The first question is from Brock Darr, Owner at 214 Roofing serving the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Brock is an experienced salesperson and one of the good guys in the residential roofing business. I appreciate his integrity and his desire to always be learning. Brock’s Question: Should we […]

Fingerprints of Success

The thing I despised most about being a telemarketer was starting each sale from scratch on every new phone call. The computer would dial a new number immediately after my last call hung up. Over and over again, all day long, the phone beeped in my ear. Like Pavlov’s dogs, I learned to associate beeping […]

Should I Work Hurricane Sandy?

After a major storm disaster like Hurricane Sandy, it takes awhile for things to get going. You have to remember that a lot of people are homeless, powerless and hopeless. It isn’t going to be a positive, happy place. Even the folks who don’t seem to have it so bad know somebody whose life was […]

The Future of Residential Roofing

I do my best thinking on road trips. While driving home through the hills of Arkansas yesterday, I had a few thoughts about where this business of roofing has been and where it is likely to go in the near future. I’m not a master prognosticator by any means and I don’t claim to own […]

The Marlboro Man RIP

I’m not one to jump on soap boxes very often… A lot of my friends in the roofing business struggle with smoking… and I get it, quitting is extremely difficult to do. Those things are addictive. My Dad struggled with smoking for a short amount of time before finally giving it up a few years […]

I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

This is going to be quick… A few days ago, I walked out of my favorite restaurant and headed for my car. About 15 feet from my car, I started to feel extremely dizzy and my right leg felt as heavy as a log. There was a small tree a few steps away. I managed […]