Do you make this FATAL mistake when selling?

If you’re like I am, you’re too young to remember the old police show Dragnet, but I’ll bet you’ve heard it’s most famous catchphrase, “Just the facts, ma’am”. The lead cop in the show, Joe Friday, doesn’t have time for long, winding stories from his witnesses. He needs to gather the facts and get down […]

Get Your Roofing Sales Time Back

The most powerful button on your keyboard is that DELETE key. With one tiny push, you can instantly buy back precious moments of your own time. Push delete twice to feel a surge of freedom. Push it three times in a row… and mountains will move out of your way. I’m not just talking about […]


Somebody, somewhere needs to read this right now… this one is for you: Has there ever been a time like this before? Grown men cry themselves to sleep tonight. They are weary with the pressure of feeding their children, making the next house payment or pumping a little more gas in the car. In the […]

Insurance Adjuster Advice For Roofers

Don’t Be Stupid: 3 Money-Making Tips Straight From The Adjuster’s Mouth Some of you like to sell your homeowner’s by promising to meet with their insurance adjuster BEFORE you seal the deal. While I personally believe this strategy is a bad terrible horrible idea, I understand why you do it… but, there’s a better way. […]

A Day of Rest

God himself took a break on the 7th day. Bottom line is that you can’t work 7 days a week, all day, every day for long without burning yourself out completely. I know you have leads to call, referrals to see, yard signs to plant, paperwork to push, email and much more… Trust me, it […]

Selling or Getting Slaughtered: Cops or Pigs Part II

Before we dive into “Authority”, let’s quickly recap the 3 reasons from Part 1 of Cops or Pigs as to why being considered a “Commodity” is bad when you’re in the roofing business… #1 The price goes down. Whenever a good or service becomes plentiful, the price goes down. Diamonds are expensive because they are […]

Selling with Authority or Getting Slaughtered like a Pig?

I wanted to call this article “Authority or Commodity”, but “Cops or Pigs” had a better ring to it. Obviously, “Cops” represents “Authority” and “Pigs” represents a “Commodity”. Let’s start off with the Wikipedia definition of “Commodity”: “A commodity is a good for which there is demand, but which is supplied without qualitative differentiation across […]

Advice for a Rookie Selling Roofs

I get a lot of email and comments from people thinking about getting into the roofing sales business. They almost always sound something like this… Mike I’m looking to get into selling roofs door to door…..what advice would you give a rookie starting out? This website is loaded with several articles that may help you. […]

Just Started Selling

Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of people jump in the roofing sales game only to get out without a single sale. Disillusioned, broke and hopeless they stagger away bitterly from what they had such high hopes of achieving only a few weeks prior. Roofing Sales isn’t for everybody. Sales in general is a […]

But Can You Sell?

I love the reader comments and email I get here at Roofing Salesman… and they aren’t always from the guys… The ladies are very involved in the business of selling roofs and more-and-more are entering the workforce all the time because it can be a great opportunity to make money. Here’s a recent question from […]