How Great Salespeople Become Great

I’ve known several great roofing salespeople in my lifetime. As great as they are, and they are amazing, not one of them started out as good as they are today. They all had to become great…and the way they became great was by taking massive amounts of action. Great salespeople see a lot of people.…

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You Don’t Have Time

Sales Dabblers Kill Roofing Company Owners Profitability

SALES DABBLERS I don’t have time for sales dabblers! Dabblers are those salespeople who are casual, or flippant, about the opportunity of roofing sales. They try to act like they’re fully engaged by asking a lot of basic questions, over and over again, but they never do much of anything. They like to talk, think…

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Why They Buy A New Roof

Why Prospects Buy New Roofs

The front pockets of my jeans were bulging with hundred dollar bills. I walked into the furniture store with my wife. We were anxious to buy a new bed, dresser, and night stand for my son’s room. He was getting way too big to sleep in his crib; we had to get a “big boy”…

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Chasing Hurricanes

Hurricane Roofing Sales

I’ve never had much success chasing Florida hurricanes or working the Texas coast. In September of 2004, Hurricane Ivan slammed into the Gulf Coast near Mobile, Alabama with a 16-foot storm surge. Pensacola, Florida, 35 miles east of the storm’s eye, caught the front right quadrant of this Category 3 with sustained winds up to…

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Discover Patterns of Success

Patterns of Success

If you’re like I am, you’ve noticed how life is full of predictable patterns. Have you ever looked out the window of an airplane or seen photos from space? Did you see the patterns? Almost everything that seems completely random up-close, falls into a system of organization if you can view it from far enough…

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Sometimes, Good Is Not Enough

Happy Wife, Happy Life

My Dad left me behind at a gas station, out in the middle of nowhere, when I was a kid. He didn’t see me crawl out of the back of our station wagon while he was inside paying for gas. Everybody else in the vehicle was asleep, but I woke up because I really, really,…

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They Said It Would Be Easy

They Said Roofing Would Be Easy

They said it would be easy; they lied! Maybe you’re teetering on the edge of giving up on roofing right now. You look around and see everybody else having good weeks, making good money, but you’re still striking out on a daily basis. You’ve put in a lot of work without having much to show…

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