Can I Make a Living Selling Roofs?

Scared to sell roofs

You’re thinking about selling roofs for a living, but you’re scared… scared to quit your crappy current job, scared of working on commission and scared of knocking on doors. Am I right? Don’t do it! You’re too scared. Why? Well, you’re really going to stink in this business if you’re scared. Prospects can smell the fear as soon…

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Roofing Sales Job Description & Responsibilities

We were all recruited by somebody into roofing sales… Maybe you’re thinking about jumping in to the business right now, but the person you’re talking to makes the job sound too good to be true… “work a few hours a week, make a ton of money, go to Disney!” This is Part 2 in our 4-Part…

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How a Software Salesman Became Successful in Roofing Sales

Changing careers to roofing sales

I recently sat down with Matt Jones, veteran roofing salesman, at the Saltgrass Steak House in Arlington, TX. to do a quick audio interview. Matt didn’t know he was going to get interviewed, but I whipped out my voice recorder and got him to open up with some inside information about how he got started…

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Training: Getting Started in Roofing Sales

You’ve read my articles and wished you could remember everything… For the first time ever, you can buy my new 2 CD Set packed full of the very best information from my Top 10 Articles on Getting Started in Roofing Sales. I’m even offering a special discount if you would rather download the audio files…

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Roofing Sales Jobs

How much does roofing salesman make?

How Much Does a Roofing Salesman Make? The compensation plans for roofing salesman pay are almost always based on an as earned commission structure. The vast majority of residential roofing sales opportunities are as an independent contractor, contract labor, or subcontractor working for an 1099 tax form. While there are a few employee salary sales…

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Can I Make a Living Selling Roofs? Part 2

Can you make money selling roofs?

In Part 1 of “Can I make a living selling roofs?” we covered the first (4) reasons why people are afraid of roofing sales. In Part 2 below, we’ll cover the last (3) excuses. You really need to make sure you’re ready because prospects can smell the fear as soon as they open their door.…

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Advice for a Rookie Selling Roofs

I get a lot of email and comments from people thinking about getting into the roofing sales business. They almost always sound something like this… Mike I’m looking to get into selling roofs door to door…..what advice would you give a rookie starting out? This website is loaded with several articles that may help you.…

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