You Don’t Have Time

Sales Dabblers Kill Roofing Company Owners Profitability

SALES DABBLERS I don’t have time for sales dabblers! Dabblers are those salespeople who are casual, or flippant, about the opportunity of roofing sales. They try to act like they’re fully engaged by asking a lot of basic questions, over and over again, but they never do much of anything. They like to talk, think…

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A Friendly Reality Check

Sunshine & Rainbows

I’ve never been a great recruiter for roofing sales.  Fundamentally, I have a sincerely held belief that it’s wrong to push another human being into a career where 9 out of 10 folks will fail inside the first 90 days. I think it’s wrong to promise endless days of sunshine to a person desperate for…

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Do You Refuse To Door Knock?

Do you refuse to door knock?

I really like to hear from the owners of other roofing companies. Here’s a question I recently received about their roof salesmen and the difficulty they have getting them to knock doors… “The salesmen we have refuse to door knock.  They will only stay if the owner provides leads everyday which is astronomical and he…

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Questions about Supplements and Longevity

I had two excellent questions today… The first question is from Brock Darr, Owner at 214 Roofing serving the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Brock is an experienced salesperson and one of the good guys in the residential roofing business. I appreciate his integrity and his desire to always be learning. Brock’s Question: Choose Money…

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Save Time, Make More Money, and Look Professional

Roofing estimates and plans save time and money.

When I first opened up Roofing Salesman to advertising partners earlier this year, Daryl Strickland at EZ Roof Estimates was the first to respond. After careful review, I invited EZ Roof Estimates to come on board because of the tremendous value they offer roofing salespeople and roofing company owners. You’ll see their advertising featured on…

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How To Hire Roofing Sales People

I promised to write an article about Hiring Sales People some time ago… I’ve been hesitant to share my insight because my goal here has always been to help the salespeople out in the field who want to learn how to make more money selling roofs. Hiring isn’t important to most of the sales people…

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