Dear Thumbtack, I’m Still Mad!

My Thumbtack Reviews Vanished

Dear Thumbtack, It’s been awhile since we’ve talked. After our last phone call, several months ago, I lost all my enthusiasm for working with you — haven’t even spent another dime of the money I put on my Thumbtack account to buy leads. As an early adopter, I enthusiastically introduced you to several of my…

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Determine That You Will Be Helpful

The World is Full of Takers

At the very core of what you do, you serve your clients best when your primary purpose is to be helpful. The world is full of “takers”. Those roofing sales clowns are everywhere. It isn’t hard to find another salesperson who is a “taker”. Because of that, people have grown cynical and super-suspicious of anybody…

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Hate Your Customers?

Are Your Roofing Files Disorganized?

Disorganization shows contempt for your clients; revealing your greedy true nature. Sound harsh? Consider this… how can you be helpful and caring if you can’t find the information your client needs when they need it? Have you ever called a business needing information (that they should have on file) and they said, “we’ll have to…

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Are Your Roofing Customers Reasonable?

Reasonable Is An Opinion

If your customer feels like a burden, you may be missing an opportunity. You have to stand-out from the crowd. Don’t shoot for “customer satisfaction”… that just means they don’t want to kill you… shoot for amazement, blown-away, can’t believe it, crazy over-the-top service. If you can do this, you’ll eliminate the competition entirely. If…

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Little Things Count!

Smile Because Little Things Count

More Little things really count… If your clients could choose between more service or less, they would choose _____. Between a live person or your voice mail, they would choose _____. Between early or late, more or less, and fast or slow, what would your clients prefer? Give people what they want, remind them you…

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