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They Said It Would Be Easy

They Said Roofing Would Be Easy

They said it would be easy; they lied! Maybe you’re teetering on the edge of giving up on roofing right now. You look around and see everybody else having good weeks, making good money, but you’re still striking out on a daily basis. You’ve put in a lot of work without having much to show…

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Ok, I Knocked. Now What?

Selling Roofs In A Suspicious Society

I get a lot of email… from all over the country. Unfortunately, I can’t answer every email because I don’t have enough time. However, one sure way to get my attention is to ask a great question in the comments section below. I’ll warn you in advance that I reject 90%+ of the comments on…

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Roofing Sales: Before You Take That Job

Advice Before You Take A Roofing Sales Job

The Greatest Concern Knocking doors is the single, greatest concern people have about taking a roofing sales job. Maybe they’ve experienced some good success in other jobs, but when they imagine knocking on a door, they always imagine the door as being locked. Locked doors come from locked minds. Here’s a recent reader comment that…

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One More!

I’m telling you, you can do almost everything right and still fail. Only the right combination of numbers will open a locked safe. There is a key to start every car. If the key’s not right, you’re stuck. The difference between success and failure is often only a small change. One more push. One more…

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How To Sell Roofs In Heavy Competition

how to sell roofs when there's a lot of competition

It’s fair to say that roofing sales has become increasingly competitive over the years. It isn’t unusual to find yourself competing with 10, 20, up to 30 or more roofing companies in the same neighborhood during the early stages following a fresh storm. Not only are you competing against swarms of professional storm chasers, but…

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The Contagious Killer Disease

Sales Killer Disease

If you’ll be honest, you haven’t been out prospecting lately because you don’t think it will do any good. I mean, the last time you went out knocking doors, you struck out. Nobody home. A bunch of renters. Everybody else was looking for the cheapest estimate. As a matter of fact, that one lady was…

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The Big, Bold, and Audacious Promise


Every pitch has a promise… or at least, it should. If you’re making a pitch without a promise, you probably aren’t selling much. The best promises, the kind that really sell, are the one’s that are big, bold, and audacious… and most of all, true! Think about this, if you’re not offering a big, bold,…

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