The Environment Strategy

Environment Knock Out! This world can knock you around… It’s hard to stay focused on your goals when you’re constantly getting knocked down… or knocked out. What’s worse is when the people throwing the hardest punches are the people closest to you… the people in your immediate environment. You’ve let your guard down, shared your…

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Okay, Mike. What’s the catch?

Letter to Kevin Barrelle

Giving Is Better Than Receiving I don’t blame folks for asking… Once or twice a week, I’ll get an email from somebody basically asking, “Mike, I appreciate all the advice and motivation, but why do you do it?” What they really want to know is, what’s in it for me? There’s no shortage of skepticism…

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You Don’t Have Time

SALES DABBLERS I don’t have time for sales dabblers! Quick Summary Definition of Dabblers: Dabblers are identified as salespeople who exhibit a casual or nonchalant attitude toward their sales opportunities. They engage superficially, often without genuine commitment or intention to follow through effectively. Lack of Genuine Engagement: Although they may pose questions and seem involved,…

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Sometimes, Good Is Not Enough

Christmas with ASAP Roofing & Construction

The Gas Station Story My Dad left me behind at a gas station, out in the middle of nowhere, when I was a kid. He didn’t see me crawl out of the back of our station wagon while he was inside paying for gas. Everybody else in the vehicle was asleep, but I woke up…

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Risking It All!

TAKE THE LEAP! When you believe in yourself, you take risks. When you don’t, you play it safe. [snippet] “When you believe in yourself, you take risks. When you don’t, you play it safe.” [/snippet] The more of a sure thing, guaranteed money, safe bet you need, the more you’ll be controlled by other people.…

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Control Your Mind

Thoughts Are Things! “Life is like a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.” – Ernest Holmes Quick Summary Reflection of Thoughts in Life: The article starts with a quote by Ernest Holmes, suggesting that life reflects what one thinks, establishing the premise that individuals are the products of…

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How Great Salespeople Become Great

Massive Action Takers I’ve known several great roofing salespeople in my lifetime. As great as they are, and they are amazing, not one of them started out as good as they are today. They all had to become great…and the way they became great was by taking massive amounts of action. Great salespeople see a…

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Dream A New Dream

Dan, Merrie, Mom, and Mike

NOTICE: This article has almost nothing to do with selling roofs. I love Zig Ziglar. I may be butchering his quote, but I love Zig’s saying, “Some people learn from other people’s mistakes; the rest of us have to be those other people.” Writing about selling roofs has been eye opening. People write and call…

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Mandy Lunsford, Klint Koppel, and Mike Coday

It’s physically impossible to be in 2 places at the same time. 🍿 Likewise, we can’t be the OLD version of ourselves and the NEW version at the same time. It’s one or the other. 💡 If you’re going to change, it’s time to sell out, let go, release, and move now into the company…

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Profitable Endings

PROFITABLE ENDINGS 💰 The tomorrow you want may not come if you can’t end some of the things you’re doing today. When these things don’t come to an end, heaviness and low energy steal the joy of running your company. We get so busy, it’s hard to think about why and when to end things.…

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