Questions about Roofing Supplements and Longevity

Shawn Deitemeyer

Roofing Supplements I had two excellent questions today… The first question is from Brock Darr, Owner at 214 Roofing serving the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Brock is an experienced salesperson and one of the good guys in the residential roofing business. I appreciate his integrity and his desire to always be learning. Brock’s Question:…

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The 2 Step Money Making Plan

The Money Is Right There! Just because you can’t see the answer doesn’t mean it isn’t right there. Quick Summary Invisible Answers: The article starts with the premise that solutions or opportunities are often present but not immediately visible, suggesting a need for a more in-depth look at situations to identify underlying opportunities. Opportunities in…

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Make More Money, Get More Time!

Why Roofing Sales? You probably got into this business for one of two reasons: #1 Make More Money #2 Get More Time Quick Summary Primary Motivations: The article begins by identifying the two main reasons people typically enter roofing sales: the desire to earn more money and the aspiration for more personal time. Behavior of…

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Roofing Supplements Before Xactimate

Roofing Supplements History

History of Roofing Supplements I’m going to tell you a quick story about how roofing supplements quickly evolved… Back in ’95, we kept up with insurance pricing by comparing our approved scopes with the scopes the other salespeople in your office had gotten approved. It was like a game…a profitable game…the best kind of game!…

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Get Your Roofing Sales Time Back

Blaine Villareal

Time is Profit, Right? The most powerful button on your keyboard is that DELETE key. With one tiny push, you can instantly buy back precious moments of your own time. Push delete twice to feel a surge of freedom. Push it three times in a row… and mountains will move out of your way. I’m…

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