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Should I Work Hurricane Sandy?

After a major storm disaster like Hurricane Sandy, it takes awhile for things to get going. You have to remember that a lot of people are homeless, powerless and hopeless. It isn’t going to be a positive, happy place. Even the folks who don’t seem to have it so bad know somebody whose life was […]

The Future of Residential Roofing

I do my best thinking on road trips. While driving home through the hills of Arkansas yesterday, I had a few thoughts about where this business of roofing has been and where it is likely to go in the near future. I’m not a master prognosticator by any means and I don’t claim to own […]

The Marlboro Man RIP

I’m not one to jump on soap boxes very often… A lot of my friends in the roofing business struggle with smoking… and I get it, quitting is extremely difficult to do. Those things are addictive. My Dad struggled with smoking for a short amount of time before finally giving it up a few years […]

I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

This is going to be quick… A few days ago, I walked out of my favorite restaurant and headed for my car. About 15 feet from my car, I started to feel extremely dizzy and my right leg felt as heavy as a log. There was a small tree a few steps away. I managed […]