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How Many Sales in 1 Sale?

The guy couldn’t sell anything. It wasn’t for a lack of effort. He went out knocking every single day. He came in soaking wet from sweat at the end of each and every day… with nothing to show for all his hard work. He finally gave up after two solid weeks of making nothing happen. […]

How To Make Failure Pay You Back

The Wisdom of Failure Tom Watson, CEO of IBM, is credited with saying, “If you want to succeed faster, double your rate of failure.” What you may not know about this legendary CEO is that Tom Watson as a young man in 1892 was a traveling salesman who peddled pianos and organs from farm to […]

Your Worst Enemy

It is better to write poorly than to not write at all. So, I’m just going to let this one rip. Ready? Some of the roofing salespeople I’ve known through the years (nobody that reads this website) have been exceptionally good at 2 things… and little else. They may not even have a G.E.D., but […]

Repeat After Me…

It’s too bad that real prospects don’t wear signs that read, “Hey Stupid! Sell me a new roof.” If they did, this job would be a lot easier. All you would have to do is look for the people wearing signs and you’d be good. Doesn’t work that way though, does it? As a matter […]

3 Things You Can Do To Make More Money

There’s only 3 things you can do to make more money selling roofs. Prospect Present Follow Up It’s a dead simple system that’s as old as the game of selling itself. The best sales people in every storm practice these basic 1-2-3 steps religiously. They know that if you want to make more money, you […]

If You Want More, Have More

Like an old country lawyer, I’m going to quote a little bit of Bible to drive home a point… “For to everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who does not have, even what he has will be taken away.” – Jesus, Matthew 25:29 NKJV This is […]

My Easiest Sale. Ever!

I’ve sold a lot of stuff in my life… I’ve had to! When I was a kid growing up in the Ozarks, my family was so poor we would go to Kentucky Fried Chicken and lick other people’s fingers. Seriously! If I wanted to do anything special, like go to the public swimming pool, I […]


Are you making sales, but having a hard time keeping them? Unfortunately, that’s a common problem in roofing sales. It happens to rookies and it happens to veteran sales pros too. I get a lot of questions from sales people who are trying to hold on to their sales or have just lost one. Here’s […]

Help! My roof claim has been denied… twice!

The process to secure an insurance settlement can be both frustrating and exhausting… especially when your homeowner believes they have a legitimate claim that has only been paid partially or denied completely. [NOT LEGAL ADVICE!] While their first instinct may be to hire an attorney, or fire off an angry letter to their state insurance […]

Do I Need a Degree to Sell Roofs?

No! Whoever came up with the college degree rule is probably some college degree idiot who wants to make themselves feel better about their over-priced education. It is amazing how many sales managers and corporations believe that a college degree is the magic ingredient that guarantees success. It doesn’t. If anything, I’ve found that the […]