Slope, Pitch, Rise over Run

Jeff Brett The King

Rise Over Run Roof Pitch If you’re new to the business of selling roofs, you may have heard the term “Slope” or “Pitch” around the sales office and wondered, “what’s that?” Being the smart roofing salesperson you are, rather than open yourself up to ridicule from the crusty old veterans and know-it-all roofers, you decided…

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Nailing New Shingles over Old Shingles

Training at Barrelle Roofing

Roofing Overlay As a roofing salesperson, you’ll occasionally run across people who need to save as much money as possible on their new roof. Maybe they have a large deductible or possibly they have to pay cash out of pocket to put a new roof on. Nailing new shingles over old shingles is called an…

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Don’t Forget the Water, Snow, and Ice Damage

Roofing Damage Fundamentals When we think about roof damage, hail and wind are the primary suspects. Spring thunderstorms and Fall hurricanes keep the roofers and insurance companies extremely busy. That’s understandable because it is easy to spot the blown-off shingles or see a roofing membrane punctured by hail. However, the damage caused by water, snow,…

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