Exclusive Roofing Leads vs Generic

Digging For Roofing Leads

Selling Specifically We all sell somebody better than we sell everybody. An experienced salesperson learns to quickly identify the specific prospect profiles who fall within their unique persuasion abilities–one of the many reasons why door-to-door sales can be so rewarding. You aren’t looking for everybody. You’re looking for somebody, somebody specific, and when you find…

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The Truth: Online Roofing Leads

Internet Roofing Leads

* Print this article out and read it. The Truth I’m going to tell you something that will probably shock you… A big chunk of my personal income, the way I pay my bills and feed my family, is dependent on me being able to generate online roofing leads for myself and other salespeople. “But,…

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Should I Call My Leads Before I Go?

Should I Call My Leads In Advance?

The phone is for setting appointments, not for confirming them. If the girl of your dreams sets a date, you don’t call her back an hour before to ask, “are you sure? super sure? positive?” What? Are you crazy? Just show up! If it doesn’t work out, go meet somebody else while you’re out anyway.…

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