How Great Salespeople Become Great

I’ve known several great roofing salespeople in my lifetime. As great as they are, and they are amazing, not one of them started out as good as they are today. They all had to become great…and the way they became great was by taking massive amounts of action. Great salespeople see a lot of people.…

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Why They Buy A New Roof

Why Prospects Buy New Roofs

The front pockets of my jeans were bulging with hundred dollar bills. I walked into the furniture store with my wife. We were anxious to buy a new bed, dresser, and night stand for my son’s room. He was getting way too big to sleep in his crib; we had to get a “big boy”…

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Chasing Hurricanes

Hurricane Roofing Sales

I’ve never had much success chasing Florida hurricanes or working the Texas coast. In September of 2004, Hurricane Ivan slammed into the Gulf Coast near Mobile, Alabama with a 16-foot storm surge. Pensacola, Florida, 35 miles east of the storm’s eye, caught the front right quadrant of this Category 3 with sustained winds up to…

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Discover Patterns of Success

Patterns of Success

If you’re like I am, you’ve noticed how life is full of predictable patterns. Have you ever looked out the window of an airplane or seen photos from space? Did you see the patterns? Almost everything that seems completely random up-close, falls into a system of organization if you can view it from far enough…

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My Roofing Talk at The Johnny Cash Museum

The Johnny Cash Museum

These are my original notes for my talk at The Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville, TN with Lowe’s ProServices in partnership with GAF Roofing. A special thank you to Alyssa Hall and her outstanding team for putting together this memorable event. 1954 The year was 1954. A young staff sergeant by the name of John…

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Is Facebook a Bad Investment?

Is Facebook a Bad Time Investment?

Investment I’ve been talking about “Investment” on Facebook for awhile now. “The #1 Rule of Investment is to only invest where you’ll get a return worthy of your investment.” While I seldom invest more than a few hundred dollars in Facebook advertising every month, I have invested a significant chunk of my time — which…

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When You Really Need The Money

Putting For Cash Money

THE TELEMARKETER I want to tell you a quick story… Before I jumped into the world of roofing sales, I was a telemarketer. My last phone sales job before roofing was selling animated Bible videos for NEST Entertainment. Maybe you hate telemarketers. That’s cool because I hated telemarketing. I had a hard time making it…

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