Is Paid Training A Good Investment?

Should roofing companies pay for training?

Paid Training Should a roofing company pay for training? That’s a good question, isn’t it? Here’s how one reader recently asked it… Direct Sales Training Most of the direct sales opportunities I’ve worked in since I was young have not paid training. Shoot, some of them didn’t even have training, much less paid training. If…

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Good or Bad? 40% Commission

Is 40% a fair commission split for roofing sales?

Commission Rates This topic about sales commission rates comes up all the time… Specifically, salespeople want to know what a good commission percentage is for roofing sales? As you know, there are primarily two schools of thought when it comes to sales commissions. The first believes in paying a flat percentage of the total contract.…

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Overhead Charges: What’s Fair?

Roofing Sales Overhead Charges

The Overhead Charge As you might imagine, one of the more popular questions I get is about overhead charges. Overhead is the expense a roofing company charges against a job before determining the final profit. In the company where I learned the business, my overhead charge was 10% of the gross contracted amount. For instance,…

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How Much Does a Roofing Salesman Make?

The simple answer is usually about 10% of the total roofing contract. The more complicated answer is, “it depends.” Your next question will probably be, “Well, how much is the average roofing contract?” The answer to that question isn’t so simple because averages will be based on several different variables that can change from region to region, neighborhood…

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How Much is Your Work Worth?

What’s your value in the marketplace? Have you ever looked around at all the other people making money and thought, “I’m not getting paid enough money for what I do around here. I should be making a lot more money. How come they make so much?” Just for the sake of conversation, let’s take a…

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Should you leave your roofing company for more money?

The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go? I started to answer this common question in the reader comments section, but realized I should probably post my reply as a full-blown article instead because everybody will ask themselves the same question at one point or another. Let’s start by posting Janet’s edited comment…

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