Do You Hate Sales?

By Mike Coday •  Updated: 03/29/21 •  2 min read

Hate Sales?

It isn’t unusual for me to hear people say, “I hate sales!”

I don’t know why!

So much of life is sales. We invest a lot of time working to persuade people to see things from our point of view and then are sorely disappointed when they don’t agree.

Parents try to convince their kids to do their homework, drink their milk or take their vitamins because it is good for them.

Kids don’t see it that way. So, parents have to convince them otherwise.

I could go on and on with different sales scenarios, but you get the picture, right?

The whole world is in sales. Maybe what people are really saying is, “I don’t like the pressure created by sales.”

That is, until they like the outcome of the sale. Then they’re thrilled to have somebody selling to them.

I’ve never met anybody who was very sad about buying an extra box of Mint Thins from the local Girl Scouts.

Of course, the immediate satisfaction of biting in to a cookie far surpasses the delayed satisfaction of healthy bones from taking your Flinstone vitamins.

These are just a few thoughts I’ve been thinking about selling lately.

If you’re going to sell anything, you are going to create some amount of unwanted pressure… even when what you’re selling is going to benefit your prospect.

Do what you can to minimize the pressure. That’s a no-brainer.

I believe the more important goal should be to make the benefit more like a Girl Scout cookie… easy to buy and immensely satisfying.

If more things were like that, I doubt sales would be such a dreaded occupation.

What do you think?


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Mike Coday

Mike started selling roofs in '95 while working as a youth pastor at a small church in North Texas. A decade later he transitioned to speaking at industry conferences and training outside sales teams. Today, he works exclusively as the premier consultant to roofing company owners who are driven for growth.