Get Rid of Risk!

The RonFather

Fear Motivates

I believe the greatest motivator in life is “fear”.

More decisions are motivated by fear than any other factor.

Even the folks who won’t make a decision, do so because they’re afraid to make a decision. They simply decide not to decide… they run away scared!

You can, and should, address all sides of what motivates your prospect. However, any sales presentation that focuses exclusively on a prospect’s hopes, desires, or even greed (e.g. selling free), will never work as well as a simple presentation based on eliminating their fears.

In this line of business, your job is to help people make a decision. Your prospects need to decide to hire your roofing company… in spite of their fears!

Decisions Are Final

Every decision has it’s own consequences!

The problem with decisions is that they’re just so dang final.

Every decision comes with it’s own set of consequences — consequences you have to be willing to live with.

Some consequences seem to be relatively inconsequential: If you go left, you can’t go right. If you go up, you won’t go down. If you stay up late, you’re not going to get much sleep because you have to go to work in the morning.

Serious Consequences

Other consequences have more serious repercussions and aren’t as easy to make because they involve significant risk.

However, “If I hire the wrong roofing contractor and they put a crappy roof on my home, or take off with my money, then I’m in serious trouble.”

Unfortunately, people have a tendency to sit around and imagine the worst possible outcome. They think about what could go wrong rather than what could go right.

That’s why people check your BBB rating after they meet with you, not before. They get to thinking about it–the decision they just made–and it scares them. Their mind starts running wild while they imagine every possible negative outcome. If they don’t find what they’re hoping to see, they get really scared…

…and your brand new deal is in serious trouble!

You Must Do This One Thing

If you want your prospects to hire your roofing company, you have to ELIMINATE THE RISK.

Ask yourself this question, “What are my prospects afraid of?”

Write down as many of their fears as you can possibly dream up. Make a long list. As soon as you have your list together, make a separate list of all the ways you can eliminate those fears. If you can’t eliminate those fears entirely, what can you do to make them less intimidating?

For every item on your list, you should ask yourself, “How can I eliminate the risk?”

When you figure that out, you’ll start selling more roofs.