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EZ Roof Estimates is an official sponsor of the Roofing Salesman website.

EZ Roof Estimates is an official sponsor of the Roofing Salesman website.

When I first opened up Roofing Salesman to advertising partners earlier this year, Daryl Strickland at EZ Roof Estimates was the first to respond.

After careful review, I invited EZ Roof Estimates to come on board because of the tremendous value they offer roofing salespeople and roofing company owners.

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You’ll see their advertising featured on most of the articles on the website.

In full disclosure, I want you to know that I’ve turned down several other advertisers and strongly discouraged a few more from advertising here simply because I wasn’t completely sold on their service.

I wanted to feature EZ Roof Estimates because I know you are looking for ways to make more money, save valuable time, and increase your level of professionalism while out in the field. Every advantage helps.

  • Make More Money
  • Save Valuable Time
  • Increase Your Professionalism

My questions are below in big, bold type face and Daryl’s responses are written below each question…

Who Are You?

We are a team of contractors, adjusters, and consultants who specialize in roofing claims with extensive training in property loss using Xactimate software.

What Exactly is Your Service?

We streamline the process for salesmen and contractors to be able to focus on selling more roofs and leaving the measurements and estimates to us by providing our clients with an Xactimate estimate along with an Eagleview report for roofing systems.

Why Should a Contractor Use You?

Time, knowledge, and money.

Saving time measuring roofs, and writing estimates. Get out and sell.

No classes, seminars or high annual software fees in order to comply with insurance loss estimating standards.

Don’t sell yourself short. We maximize your estimates which maximizes your profit margin (average EZ estimate – $362/ Sq).

Where Can We Get More Information?

How Does Your Process Work?

In order to accurately estimate and process the order, you will have a few simple steps to complete.

The first step is entering in your companies information along with the property information that you would like us to estimate.

Following that we will need a list of details that are unique to each individual roofing system for instance, how many pipe jacks, include vents, include overhead and profit.

The last step is checking out. Each EZRE report is $99 and we accept all major credit cards.

Receiving Your Report:
Within 48 hrs., EZRE (“EZ Roof Estimates”) will email your Xactimate estimate along with an Eagle measurement report. Sample estimates and more information can be found at our website

Mike’s Final Thoughts

If you’re like I am, you know that time is money in this business.

The other thing we both know is that $99 is basically chump change when you’re in the heat of a hail storm. If you can make more money, save valuable time, and give yourself a professional facelift for only $99, why wouldn’t you?

Last thing, if you try EZ Roof Estimates and like their service, let me know because I want to feature you in a follow-up story.

However, if you aren’t satisfied, I want to know that too because my promise to you is that I’ll only feature quality providers on this website.

Go ahead and reach out to them today.


P.S. You can click the link to get more information on EZ Roof Estimates or you can email me for Daryl’s contact information.

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