How Do You Get Roof Leads on Facebook?

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Free Roofing Leads from Facebook

You don’t need a business page to get roofing leads. You don’t have to spend money on Facebook ads. Use your personal Facebook profile and old-fashioned Relationship Marketing to get leads from Facebook.

Yes, it’s possible to spend money with Facebook to get leads, especially in smaller to mid-sized cities and rural areas. As long as there aren’t dozens of roofing companies actively advertising in your market, you could get leads from Facebook with paid advertising.

However, I’m assuming you don’t want to spend money or you’re in a market where it’s difficult to stand out from your competition by using Facebook ads.

Nobody Wants Another Ad

Remember when you could scroll through Facebook and see everything your friends were posting?

You didn’t have an ad in your feed every 3-4 posts. This was back when Facebook was a private company. Yes, those were the good ‘ole days.

I don’t know about you, but I never wanted to see more ads in my Facebook feed.

In fact, we’ve all seen how some people go crazy and leave nasty comments in those advertisements. The only people who want more ads in the news feed are the investors. Wall Street demands increasingly more revenue. That’s why your feed is littered with ads, even though nobody wants to see another ad.

Nobody Wants Another Roof Picture

Maybe, for a short time, it was cool to post aerial footage of your roofing work from your new drone.

But nobody wants to see another roof!

Don’t believe me?

Go look at any roofing company’s news feed. Go ahead, go look. I’ll wait…

How many likes do they get on their roof pics? Okay, now subtract out the likes from the company owner, all of their sales people, the company owner’s Mom, and the marketing manager, too. Now, how many likes do they get on their roof pics?

If you’re going to post pictures of a roof, you on a roof, or your favorite roofing shingles, nobody cares!

Everyone Wants To Feel a Connection

At the core of Facebook, why it’s still a popular social media network, is the reason why we’re still willing to put up with all those ads.

Facebook connects us with people.

If there’s anything we learned during the pandemic, it’s that people have an overwhelming desire to feel connected to each other.

We couldn’t gather together outside or meet at a restaurant. We couldn’t go to church. We couldn’t even visit our friends and family in the hospital. But we could connect on Facebook. We could fire up Zoom. We could meet somewhere in Cyberspace, and that’s exactly what we did, in record-breaking numbers.

And we didn’t get together to look at your roof pics!

Facebook Relationship Marketing

I teach an entire course on this called “Social Steroids” inside the Roofing Salesman University.

Let me give you a few of the highlights so you can get roof leads from Facebook without spending money on advertising.

Ditch Your Business Page

Okay, you don’t have to ditch it because it’s still useful, but you do have to move most of your marketing over to your personal profile on Facebook.

Business Pages don’t get as many views as your personal profile. Facebook wants you to “Boost” your posts to reach the people who already like your page. Forget that noise!

Your personal profile is much more likely to be seen by more people… as long as you’re not posting roof pics.

What should you post?

Get Personal

Facebook is first and foremost a social network, not an advertising network.

It does one thing better than anything else; connects you with people. If you want more people to see your posts, you’re going to have to focus on building relationships. That means getting personal.

Go look at your own news feed on your personal profile. Go ahead. Go look. I’ll wait…

The posts where you have the most likes, comments, and shares are all about your personal life. It’s your kids, your anniversary, your sorrows, your happy memories, your tragic losses, your passions, your fights, your laughing, it’s all about your personal life.

You should post about what’s personal to you.

Inject Emotion

That’s the problem with roof pics… they’ve got no emotion.

However, if you want to post a picture of you on a roof, holding a taco in one hand and your baby in the other, proudly standing next to Donald Trump, now you’ve got some emotion. I’ll stop scrolling and look at your picture, maybe even read it, because you’ve now created an emotional connecting rod.

If you want to post a picture of you and your last customer standing in their front yard smiling at the camera, and tag your customer in the photo, there’s a good chance somebody they know will take a double-take at your picture to find out what their friends are up to.

Even better, get your customer to post your picture on their own personal profile and tag you in it.

If you’re going to tell me something about why I should call your roofing company, you have to inject emotion into your post. Not every post should be about your business, but 20% isn’t too much.

You have to give me more than a picture of your favorite shingle color or your latest roof. I don’t really care what color you like and everybody has a roof. I want to know something about you. I need to feel a connection. Make me feel what you’re talking about. You have to inject emotion.

Make Connections

Use your personal profile to tell me who you are and why I should connect with you.

People do business with people, not with nameless, faceless companies. Put yourself out there. Build relationships. Give people a reason to connect with you. Share who you are and what you do in a way that allows us to feel like we are connected.

Leverage Facebook to do what it does best… make connections.

How To Get Leads on Facebook?

  • Forget paid advertising.
  • Ditch your business page.
  • Use your personal profile.
  • Get personal.
  • Inject emotion.
  • Make connections.

By the way, most of these same rules apply if you’re going to spend money on Facebook advertising. :-)

I have a valuable 2-Hour course on Direct Response Paid Advertising for Social Media locked away in my marketing vault. My private clients paid $999 and received 30 days of support to help them set everything up for success. This same course comes free for company owners enrolled in my #QuantumSuccess and RCO Elite programs.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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