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Like a Fish Out of Water

Stick with me for a minute please because this may sound basic, but there’s an important point here…

You’re either good at something or you’re not. You’re either interested in your job or you’re not. You’re either enthusiastic or you’re not.

You’re either going to read the rest of this article or you’re not…

It can take an immense amount of energy to get good at something for which you have no natural talent, interest or enthusiasm.

People will waste large chunks of their life fighting through or striving to achieve something for which they are not suited. It is like trying to run through quick sand… almost impossible!

Bad At Basketball

As a teenager, I really wanted to be a basketball player. Problem was I had a 3″ vertical, ran like a turtle and had muscles like the skinny, cartoon guy in the back of the muscle magazine who is always getting sand kicked in his face.

I had a lot of heart and worked hard enough to get voted co-captain of my High School basketball team, but I sat on the bench… the end of the bench.

It was sad because I would shake hands before the game with the other team’s captain at half court.

The refs would instruct the captains to have a good game and then I would go find my place at the end of the bench where I would spend the rest of the game… waving my towel enthusiastically and passionately cheering for my team.

Bad Musician

After I realized I was never going to make it in basketball, I turned my attention to becoming a Christian Rock Star (major oxymoron).

Problem was that even though my Dad was a great singer, I wasn’t.

My friends were amazing musicians, I wasn’t.

I practiced day and night, but I didn’t improve much. I wanted to be great. I worked hard to be great. I sacrificed to be great.

Unfortunately, all my hard work, time and money never paid off because I wasn’t getting much better in spite of my earnest efforts. It seemed like the other guys were getting better every week and I was standing still. Eventually, they even moved out to Nashville and chased the dream there.

You can be anything in life you’d like to be if you’re willing to stink at it… and you’re willing to go broke trying!

On the other hand, if you find the thing in life that you’re good at, your level of expertise will grow exponentially because you’ll find yourself enthusiastic about those things that most interest you.

If you take a fish out of the water, it just flops around on dry land before finally dying. However, if you throw that same fish in water, they take off like a dart and show you their true genius.

True Genius

I personally believe that you have a true genius, a natural talent, an ability that is rare and uncommon. I believe you were created to be an original; to serve a purpose that nobody else on this planet is capable of filling.

Right now, you’re frustrated, confused, and struggling to make sense of your life, job and relationships.

May I submit to you that possibly you’re trying to run in quick sand?

If you feel like you’re running in quick sand, tell me about it. I’ve shared my story, now tell me yours.


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