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By Mike Coday •  Updated: 03/29/21 •  5 min read

Somewhere in the mid 80’s, my favorite pizza joint started selling a “free refill” cup.

Back in those days a pizza place might sell you a small, medium, or a large drink, or maybe even a pitcher of Coke, but nobody was doing free refills — much less free refills in a 16 ounce cup. That was just crazy talk! Even crazier was the fact the refill cups were only .69 cents. Plus, you could bring your cup back for free refills forever. FOREVER!

Obviously, it doesn’t sound that crazy today. However, the whole idea was mind-blowing a few decades ago. Restaurants didn’t do free refills, especially pizza places.

When we weren’t eating pizza, we used those cups for dinner at home because they were big and easy to clean.

I think my mom still has a few free refill cups stored away in her kitchen cabinet. She probably still uses them.


America had been happily ordering medium drinks with their pizzas for as long as we’ve been eating pizza.

As a nation of satisfied pizza consumers, we never realized we had a much greater capacity for carbonated refreshments until we were introduced to the “free refill” cup. Honestly, we were happy getting less.

Today, free refills are expected at almost every single restaurant. On the rare occasion when a restaurant charges for refills, we think they’re ripping us off, right?


I used to believe 12 ounces of Cherry Coke was more than enough for me to drink with a few slices of pepperoni pizza until I got my hands wrapped around a free refill cup and then my perspective changed.

As it turns out, I like to drink a lot of Cherry Coke with my pizza.

I never knew my true capacity was “unlimited” until my perspective changed.

I always had the ability to drink more soda. I just didn’t know I could drink more, but when my perspective changed, I increased my expectation.

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If you see your life, your future success, in terms of small, medium, or large, the most you can ever hope to achieve is limited to the size you choose.

Let me put it this way, your capacity for future success is limited by your perspective.

If you believe small, you’ll get small if that’s all you believe you’ll get. Believe large, you’re more likely to get large, but when you believe for “unlimited,” you tear the lid off your capacity limits.

My question for you is, “Are you happy getting less or do you want more?”

If you want more, and I believe you do, keep reading…


As a salesperson, when you’re working for somebody who only needs to make a few hundred dollars extra each week from your sales work, the support they’ll give you is limited to a few hundred dollars worth each week. If they only need to make a thousand dollars from your work, don’t expect more than a thousand dollars worth of support.

You can make more, but your support is limited to the perspective of the people supporting you.

It is frustrating to believe you could be doing better if you could only get better support.

As a company owner or a sales manager, if you’re working with salespeople who only need to make a few hundred dollars each week, you can’t expect them to put in a thousand dollars worth of effort. They don’t have the capacity because they don’t have the perspective.

Sure, they could make more occasionally, and they might make less, too, but their paycheck is limited by their perspective..

It is frustrating to give your salespeople excellent support and only receive mediocre sales in return.

Your capacity is limited by your perspective, but also by the perspective of the people serving you.

If you want unlimited, unleashed, unchained, unbridled capacity, you have to fight to get yourself around like-minded people who have the same perspective.

Get yourself around people who are doing better, achieving more, and selling more. Rub shoulders with success and let their success rub off on you.

Get around the people who don’t want to limit your success.

Get around the “unlimited” free refills kind of people.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn


You may not know how to change your capacity for success right now, at this very moment, but if you’ll get around people who already see things from a different, bigger, more successful perspective, your capacity can change overnight. Even if you can’t see it for yourself, you can start to believe it when you see through the eyes of the people around you.

You may not be able to change outcomes overnight, but you can change direction right now by taking these steps.

Expect things to change and start moving towards the perspectives that will lead you to success. Once you start seeing your life differently, and exposing yourself to people with an increased capacity for increase, you’ll never be satisfied with your limitations again.


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Mike Coday

Mike started selling roofs in '95 while working as a youth pastor at a small church in North Texas. A decade later he transitioned to speaking at industry conferences and training outside sales teams. Today, he works exclusively as the premier consultant to roofing company owners who are driven for growth.