Change Your Image, Change Your Brand!

Your brand is you.

This is especially true for commission-only, independent roofing sales people.

Your prospects may not know a single thing about your roofing company, and most don’t really care. That’s because, to them, you are the roofing company!

How you present yourself… how you dress, talk, walk, and so much more goes into your personal brand… the brand your prospect is buying when they sign up to do business with your roofing company.

Do you answer the phone when they call? Are you on the job site when the homeowner gets home from work? Are you organized? Are you messy?

Everything about you makes up your brand. If you can change your image, you will change your brand.

What does your personal brand say about you?

Are you communicating both verbally and non-verbally everything you want your prospects and customers to believe about you and how you’ll take care of their business. Do you look like a trusted brand? Is your brand credible?

Let’s just take one specific example:

Look at your shoes right now because your shoes are a powerful image maker. Most women (and even men) will consciously or subconsciously glance at your shoes to get a quick read on who and what you are. So, tell me everything you can about the shoes on your feet right now this very second.

Personally, I’m wearing older white Nike’s with a blue swoosh trimmed in silver. I’ve kept them in decent shape… maybe a little dirty. My shoelaces are brand new because my daughter’s puppy chewed the other laces off.

Now, based on what I’ve described to you… tell me the first few things that pop into your mind. Don’t hold back. What do you think?

Put your thoughts in the comments section below.


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