Trusting You’ll Get Paid For Your Sales

Reader Question

Here’s a recent question that was sent in from the Roofing Salesman newsletter

What would you recommend is a good path to take to protect myself from not getting paid on sales I have made? At the end of the day, trusting someone with my money just isn’t good enough. Is there anything I can have them sign? Or perhaps the homeowner? Thank you!

My Reply

It sounds like you have good reason not to trust somebody already, is that right?

Trusting the people who are supposed to pay you is one of the keys to a successful roofing sales career. If you don’t have trust, you don’t have anything because you are in a high-trust business.

The homeowner trusts that you’ll do what you say you’ll do and be there to fix anything that goes wrong throughout the entire warranty period.

The roofing company trusts that you won’t obligate them to bad faith and put them in positions they cannot fulfill.

You trust both the roofing company and the homeowner to turn over that check when the time is right.

If you don’t have trust, you’re in a bad spot already.

Legally, there’s nothing I can tell you for sure because I’m not a lawyer and have no legal advice for you, but as one sales guy to another, here’s my advice:

Find somebody you can trust. Cut ties with people you can’t trust. Even if you’re owed hundreds or thousands of dollars, if you can’t trust them, you can’t trust them. If you’re good at what you do, move on to another company that is worthy of your efforts.

You can waste a lot of time and energy tracking down losers when you could have been working with winners.

Hope that helps.


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