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Do You Need Hope?

Somebody, somewhere needs to read this right now… this one is for you:

Has there ever been a time like this before?

Grown men cry themselves to sleep tonight. They are weary with the pressure of feeding their children, making the next house payment or pumping a little more gas in the car.

In the early morning hours, their hearts will race as fear chases them down every dark alley in the corners of their mind. Torture has never been so cruel as the constant thoughts of losing, falling and failing. Fiery darts fly constantly at them with no relenting, no reprieve, no rest.

Where can you go for shelter and safety? There seems to be no escape. Massive corporations are crumbling all around. Institutions once thought indestructible have collapsed… as vapor into air. Gone are the cornerstones. Lost are the hiding places.

These are the days when the heart of a man fails him for fear.


It is only one word… four little letters… H-O-P-E. Powerful enough to elect an American President. Strong enough to destroy a dictatorship.

Encapsulated in this word is all the strength you need. Fear may be Kryptonite, but HOPE is the Kryptonite Killer. One pure ounce of HOPE will break you free… it will release you from the torture in your mind… empowering you to brave through any opposition.

But your HOPE must be anchored in something real. It has to have a backing stronger than thought or imagination. True HOPE must have substance to be powerful… to last longer than a minute… to carry you through the night. Your HOPE needs to be real. Is it?

Hope on the Ropes

When your HOPE is on the ropes… fighting… swinging… sweating… who is in your corner? You know, the voice that yells at you. The voice that you trust. The voice that knows exactly what to do.

Who is in your corner?

Don’t tell me that you’ve got yourself and that’s all you need! You won’t make it through the night if you’re counting on yourself. Fear will grab you by the hair, punch you in the throat and finish you before you recover from the first blow. You won’t make it by yourself. You already know that.

Are you counting on family, friends or business partners?

Family and friends are good, but they have their own battles to fight. Grandparents aren’t around for long and your parents will soon be gone too. Friends in business are friends because you’re in business. See what happens when you go out of business. Don’t blame them. They’re only human. You need supernatural help, don’t you?

The Answer

There’s only one answer… always has been just one answer… always will be just one answer.

The HOPE you’re looking for right now can only be found in the creator of your soul. The one who knit you together in your mother’s womb. Before you took your first breath, he knew all the days of your life and had a plan for you.

I’m not talking about church.

I’m not talking about religion.

I’m talking about the one who flung the stars into the sky. The one who walked on water, made blind eyes to see and raised the dead. I’m talking about The Answer.

Pray This Prayer

If you’re buried under the pressure of life, crippled by fear, or holding on to your last thread, pray this prayer right now. Say it out loud right now, right where you are and The Answer you need will hear you. He’ll come to your corner, lift you up and bring you peace.

Say this prayer right now…

Dear Heavenly Father,

I don’t know what to do or where else to turn…

I need you to come to my corner and help me. I’m lost, confused and afraid. I’m scared and I need you to come to my rescue… I need you to fill me with HOPE.

You can make blind men see and lame men walk. You can help me right now. Help me sleep at night. Help me provide for my family. Help me and give me peace.

Your Bible says that I can call on you when I’m in trouble and you will answer me. Lord, I’m in trouble. I’m in serious trouble and I need your help right now.

Give me HOPE and show me that you’ve heard my prayer.

In Jesus’ name I pray.


P.S. If you’ve prayed that prayer, and you’re not ashamed to share your story, let me know because I want to know who I stayed up all night to write this for… God Bless, Mike