I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

Mikey & Mike CodayThis is going to be quick…

A few days ago, I walked out of my favorite restaurant and headed for my car. About 15 feet from my car, I started to feel extremely dizzy and my right leg felt as heavy as a log.

There was a small tree a few steps away. I managed to make it to the tree without falling down. My wife turned around and looked at me. She instantly knew that something was wrong… a fact I try to hide from her when I don’t feel very good because she’ll worry.

Shots Make Me Dizzy

One other time in my life I felt that dizzy… the day the anesthesiologist pulled out his needle to give my wife a shot before my son was born. I saw the needle and the maternity room started spinning. My wife’s nurse threw me down on the sofa by her bed.

Blood Pressure Machine

When we finally got in the car, it took several minutes for me to feel normal again. I probably shouldn’t have been driving, but we took off looking for a blood pressure reading machine.

They didn’t have a machine at Target. Walgreens didn’t have one either. We finally found one at the CVS Pharmacy. I stuck my arm in the sleeve and pushed the green button…

Needless to say, my blood pressure reading was SKY HIGH!

My Wake-Up Call!

You know my Dad passed away before Christmas after struggling with his heart and kidneys. His quality of life was horrible his last few months.

I know Dad is in a better place now, but he’s going to miss a lot of important things… like every Thanksgiving and Christmas… like my daughter getting married someday… like my kids graduating.

All I could think was, “I don’t want to miss out on my life too.”

I’ve been a very good boy since Thursday.

My blood pressure is down a few points, I’ve lost several pounds, my pantry has heart-healthy food in it, and I am gaining confidence that I can do this.

Actually, I’ve been even better than I thought I could be, but life is too fragile and I don’t want to miss a thing.


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