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According to John Dye, Xactimate expert, up to 90% of the profit in a roofing job is missing from the original insurance scope.

You can go ahead and do the work without the extra profit, but you’re not going to make the money you need to stay in business during the lean months. There’s nothing worse than making more than enough money from roofing in the Spring and Summer months, but then nearly starving in the Winter.

If you’re going to stay in business, and pay your bills all year long, you have to maximize your profits on every single job. There’s nothing wrong with doing free work for charity — that’s a very good thing — but you have to make money to stay in business. Not to mention, you want to keep your preferred status with your shingle manufacturer. You can’t cut corners; you have to do the job right, and that’s expensive, isn’t it?

Do you like working side jobs in the winter? Maybe you do. Maybe you like the break.

I don’t know, but you shouldn’t have to be a part-time business. There’s no reason to leave up to 90% of the profit on the table. That’s money that should go back into your business.

Same Problem Every Year

You have this same problem every year.

You always tell yourself, and your wife, you’re going to save more money next year, or not spend as much, but here you are again. You’re a good salesperson. You have a good company with a good reputation. You don’t deserve to live under this kind of pressure year after year.

Get Your Profit Back

Would you like to get your 90% of the profit back in your bank account?

Imagine what it would be like to have the money to grow your business in the winter, keep your office staff busy, and still invest in new equipment…after you get back from vacation. Wouldn’t that be great? It’s a lot better than selling or pawning everything you have to stay alive in the winter, isn’t it?

Managed Claims Service

You need to meet John Dye, Xactimate expert and CEO of Sherwood Partners.

John helps you maximize your roofing profits so you can do more than survive the winter — you can thrive during the winter. His team walks you through the process step-by-step and quickly handles the details of the claims process on your behalf. You make more money, you get your time back, and you get the whole thing done FAST.

You want an expert who understands building codes, has a good relationship with insiders in the insurance industry, can quickly navigate through all the usual roadblocks, and takes the emotion out of handling claims out of your own office.

Best of all, if you’re accepted into his managed claims service, he only makes money when you make even more money. I’m about to tell you how you can get your profit back on track.

Get Your Free Report

The first thing you should do is to request John’s special report, “The Top 3 Missing Xactimate Line Items Where You’re Losing Money.”

When John gets your request, he’ll email you back his special report along with information on his managed claims service. Reply back to his email as soon as possible and request a phone interview. If you’re accepted, John will do a claim for you without asking for a dime up-front — no risk, no obligation, and no contract.

It’s time to maximize your profits and get your business back on track.

Get your free report from John right now.


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