Fear Wants to Destroy You

Fear Is The Enemy

Dear Friend,

Unfortunately, I know too much about Fear.

It has been chasing me ever since I was a little kid.

Hiding behind every corner, on the other side of every door, fear has been crouching, taunting, waiting for another opportunity to pounce on me.

But that isn’t what fear likes best about stalking me. No, it doesn’t get near as much enjoyment in the pain as it does in robbing me of my peace.

Fear loves to keep me on edge – jittery, worried, unsettled about any and everything – robbed of the happy moments in life because I’m constantly waiting for the hammer to drop or the bottom to fall out.

Fear is the enemy – the most wanted, number one criminal – guilty of stealing, killing, and destroying lives.

I’m not the only one fear is after… fear comes for all of us… and doesn’t care if you’re weak or strong, rich or poor, wise or foolish.

[snippet]”Fear wants to destroy you, but you can kill it first if you take action now.”[/snippet]

For a commissioned sales person, small business owner, and entrepreneur, fear is that lethal weapon constantly taking aim at you.

Fear is like the red dot tracing you from the end of a laser-guided sniper’s gun.

Quick Summary

  1. Pervasiveness of Fear: The author opens with a personal testament to the omnipresence of fear, describing it as a constant, almost tangible pursuer throughout life, indicating its universal nature.
  2. Fear Robs Peace: More than just causing pain, fear is depicted as a thief of peace, keeping individuals in a state of perpetual anxiety and anticipation of the next problem, thus diminishing the enjoyment of life’s positive moments.
  3. Fear as a Destructive Force: The article elevates fear to the status of a primary adversary, accusing it of stealing, killing, and destroying lives, highlighting its indiscriminate nature affecting people regardless of their personal attributes or status.
  4. Universal Target of Fear: Emphasizing its relentlessness, the author notes that fear targets everyone, regardless of their strength, wealth, or wisdom, making no distinctions among its victims.
  5. Fear in Professional Life: For professionals, especially those in commission-based roles, entrepreneurs, or small business owners, fear is likened to a sniper’s laser, constantly targeting them, threatening their livelihood and success.
  6. Confidence as a Defense: The article advocates for confidence and a positive mental attitude as crucial defenses against fear, suggesting that these traits can shield individuals from fear’s debilitating effects.
  7. Action Overcomes Fear: It champions action and engagement as antidotes to fear. By staying busy, taking initiative, and focusing on tasks, individuals can combat the paralysis that fear often induces.
  8. Preparation Mitigates Fear: Quoting Dale Carnegie, the piece underscores the importance of thorough preparation in mitigating fear, particularly in professional or high-stakes environments.
  9. Avoiding Fear’s Allies: The author advises a conscious distancing from elements that propagate fear, including sensationalist news media and individuals who perpetuate a fearful mindset. This involves taking tangible steps like turning off news or distancing oneself from negative influences.
  10. Self-Assessment and Vigilance: Finally, the article calls for introspection, urging readers to examine their lives for “open windows” that fear might exploit, and to proactively expel fear and its influences.

Kill Fear Now

Your strongest defense against fear is confidence and a confident mental attitude.

Without it, you are wide-open to constant, unrelenting attacks. The best way to become confident is to go out and do something. Don’t let fear run rampant. Do something. Get to work. Be busy. Take action now.

“When you’re afraid, keep your mind on what you have to do. And if you have been thoroughly prepared, you will not be afraid.”Dale Carnegie

When you let the negative fear-mongers have access to your mind, heart, and spirit, you open yourself up to the constant attacks of your greatest foe.

  • Turn off the news. The news makes a living selling fear.
  • Turn off the friends of fear – people who are comfortable being afraid.
  • Turn off your phone if you have to. Deny access to negative people and their negative views of the world.

Why open the door to fear and make yourself easier to be defeated? Fear will take every advantage over you that you allow.

If you’re like I am, fear chases you too. Take a minute to look around you now and see if you haven’t mistakenly left windows of destruction open in your life.

Get rid of fear and fear’s friends right now.