The Marlboro Man RIP

I’m not one to jump on soap boxes very often…

A lot of my friends in the roofing business struggle with smoking… and I get it, quitting is extremely difficult to do. Those things are addictive.

My Dad struggled with smoking for a short amount of time before finally giving it up a few years before he became disabled. He didn’t smoke for long, but I firmly believe that quitting as soon as he did, extended his life.

You could die of a lot of freaky things… fall down the stairs, slip in the bathtub, get eaten by a bear, or swallowed by a great white shark, but continuing to do something on purpose that you absolutely, positively know will kill you is ludicrous.

I know. I know, “Shut up Mike. It’s none of your business!”

You’re right, and I hate it when people poke their nose in my business too, but what about your wife, kids, and the people who really love you and make life worth living?

Maybe, just maybe, you know you should quit, you want to quit, and reading this will be enough to give you the courage to try and quit one more time.

I hope so.


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