More Millionaires Influenced By This Book

Talking To Strangers

The mall in Abilene, TX was packed-full of shoppers.

I had gone out to check out their monster hail storm a few years ago. That was some big hail!

While in Abilene, my family wanted to stop, do some shopping, and grab something to eat after I finished checking out the storm damage. We shopped for awhile and then ended up at the pizza place in the mall.

Sitting next to me and my son, Mikey, were two young military guys. They were talking about cool stuff like personality types and investing in the tech sector. One guy was only 19 and already had $15k invested in the market.

We discussed the future of Google, the recent Apple stock split, and Facebook’s innovative advertising & revenue model…while my wife and daughter rolled their eyes because I somehow always manage to strike up deep-dive conversations with complete strangers.

Andrew Carnegie

When the conversation turned to the titans of early American industry, I asked if they had ever heard of Andrew Carnegie. They said, “yeah, wasn’t he railroads, or was it the steel industry?”

Of course, it was the steel industry, but I was more curious to know if they’d ever heard of Napoleon Hill. “No, never heard of him.”

I went on to explain that Andrew Carnegie commissioned a study of the top minds in America during his generation. He wanted to find out if there were character and personality traits that were held in common by those who had risen to great levels of success.

Napoleon Hill

That’s where a young Napoleon Hill comes in to the story.

Napoleon Hill is the young man Andrew Carnegie selected to do the study and eventually write the book with his findings.

That book has stood the test of time for almost 100 years. After the Bible, the book Napoleon Hill wrote for Andrew Carnegie is still recognized today as the most influential book by the most successful people in America. The insights he discovered are carefully explained in detail in this book, and have made more millionaires than any other book in the history of the world.

The guys asked for the title of the book, I gave it to them, and then excused myself to grab some fresh, hot chocolate chip cookies for Mikey at the store around the corner.

A little later, while leaving the mall through the Books A Million store, I saw the guys asking the clerk if he had a copy of the book. The clerk couldn’t find it on the shelf, but I was able to quickly scan the business books and pull out the last copy they had in stock.

They gladly bought the book. I think they’ll do quite well with it, too.


P.S. One reason why I believe they’ll do so well with the information contained in the book is that they have a history of taking action. It is one thing to read good information, and quite another to act on it. The difference between brilliance and ignorance isn’t in the information you have, but in the action you take with what you already know.