Control Your Mind

Thoughts Are Things!

“Life is like a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.” – Ernest Holmes

Quick Summary

  1. Reflection of Thoughts in Life: The article starts with a quote by Ernest Holmes, suggesting that life reflects what one thinks, establishing the premise that individuals are the products of their dominant thoughts.
  2. Direction Guided by Thoughts: It is emphasized that people’s actions align with their thoughts, as illustrated by the simple act of turning right when one thinks about turning right. This underscores the idea that thoughts guide our movements and decisions.
  3. Power of Positive Imagery: The author encourages the reader to imagine a serene beach setting, highlighting how positive thoughts or scenarios can induce feelings of relaxation and happiness, demonstrating the mind’s power to affect emotional states.
  4. Contrast with Negative Imagery: In contrast, imagining walking through a dangerous, dark alley evokes fear and anxiety, further emphasizing how different thoughts directly influence our emotional well-being.
  5. Importance of Mind Control for Salespeople: Sales professionals’ success is tied to their ability to control their thoughts and influence the thoughts of others. If they cannot master their own mental state, their professional efficacy is compromised.
  6. Downward Spiral of Negativity: The article highlights how a string of negative thoughts (“I can’t, they won’t, it’s too hot, I suck, etc.”) can derail a person’s entire day or mindset, suggesting a direct link between negative thinking and professional or personal failure.
  7. Reality vs. Perception: While acknowledging that some negative thoughts may be based on factual situations, the author questions the productivity of dwelling on them, implying that focus determines experience.
  8. Existence of Harsher Realities: The piece brings attention to severe global issues, like child hunger and mortality, indicating that there are graver situations one could focus on, yet it’s not conducive to well-being or success.
  9. Selective Focus for Mental Health: Despite the truth in negative thoughts or harsh realities, the author advocates for controlling one’s focus. By choosing not to dwell on certain truths that are detrimental to one’s mental health, individuals can navigate life more effectively.
  10. Mastery of Mind for Peace: Concluding with a call for mental discipline, the article reiterates Holmes’ quote, emphasizing that life reflects our mental state. The author, Mike, signs off with “Peace,” suggesting that controlling one’s thoughts is key to finding peace in life and work.

You become your dominant thoughts…

You drive up to a stop light, put your blinker on, and think, “I need to turn right.”

Do you turn left?

No, not unless you have a serious brain tick!

The point is, we move constantly in the direction of what we think about.

Imagine These Thoughts

Imagine relaxing on a beautiful island beach with white sand, gentle waves, and endless blue skies. It’s not too hot. There’s a small breeze blowing. Life is good.

That’s a great thought, isn’t it?

Now, picture yourself walking home at midnight down a dark alley, between two very tall buildings, stepping over sleeping, passed-out drunks with nothing to protect you, but a week’s worth of 5th grade karate classes.

Feels a little different in the back alley than it does on the island beach, doesn’t it?

Your Mind Makes a Living

Sales people are especially vulnerable to the steering of the mind’s thoughts.

We make a living by controlling our mind AND controlling (or at least guiding) the thoughts of our prospect.

If you can’t control your own thoughts, how will you ever make a living in this business?

Negative Thoughts Lead to Negative Bank Accounts

Everything you’ve been saying lately is negative…

I can’t, they won’t, it’s too hot, too wet, not the right time, they’re broke, my company sucks, they suck, I suck, we all suck…

On and on it goes… you drive yourself straight into the ditch before you ever get going for the day.

Well, isn’t some of it true?

I don’t know.
Probably is true.
So what if it is true?

Mind Control

Fact is, there’s a lot of sorry things going on in the world if you wanted to stop and think about all of them.

For instance, you woke your kids up this morning with a hug and a kiss.

Thousands of kids went to sleep last night deathly hungry, without a parent to tuck them in, without a bed to sleep in, and the worst part is, they didn’t wake up this morning.

There’s nobody to bury them, no funeral service because there’s no loved one’s to gather, and there’s no money to pay for a proper burial.

You’ll spend more on your morning coffee this week than what it takes to keep them alive for a solid month.

Not exactly what you want to think about, is it?

But it’s true!

“Life is like a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.” – Ernest Holmes