Not Buying a Roof!

By Mike Coday •  Updated: 04/07/21 •  2 min read

The Winning Mindset

People think they’re in the roofing business. I suppose a case could be made for that opinion. 😉

The reality is people don’t buy a roof; they buy an outcome.

And that desired outcome is wildly different from one person to the next. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to what people want.

As I’ve often said, nobody is lying in bed dreaming about new fiberglass mats, slathered in asphalt, and sprinkled generously with granules.

Selling that stack of mess is a sure way to go out of business! Nobody wants it! 🍿

But your prospects are thinking of ways to keep their family safe, protect their money, or be the envy of their neighbors.

They’re hoping for a friend, to be significant, or wishing someone would notice them and treat them nicely.

So, if they ask me if I’m interested in something I’m not really interested in (i.e. buying a new roof), of course I’m going to tell your salesperson, “I’m not interested!”

But if they talk to me about something I want, something I dream about, something I’m hoping for, we might just get somewhere. 💰

Make it a great day!

✌️ Mike

Mike Coday

Mike started selling roofs in '95 while working as a youth pastor at a small church in North Texas. A decade later he transitioned to speaking at industry conferences and training outside sales teams. Today, he works exclusively as the premier consultant to roofing company owners who are driven for growth.