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Roofing Sales Advantage

Gary Halbert, legendary direct response marketer, famously asked what one advantage you’d want if you were going to invest your entire life savings into starting a hamburger stand.
Would you want to serve superior hamburger meat, have super secret sauce, have the friendliest workers, cleaner bathrooms, a nicer building, the best website, an amazing sign, better branding, or just what exactly would you want to have as your one advantage?

Seriously, what one advantage would you want?

Of all the advantages a business could have, Gary said his hamburger stand would make more money than everybody else if he could have just this one advantage…”a starving crowd!”

“When it comes to direct response marketing, the most profitable habit you can cultivate is the habit of constantly being on the lookout for groups of people who have demonstrated that they are starving for some particular product or service.” – Gary Halbert

Quick Summary

  1. The Concept of ‘One Advantage’: Drawing from Gary Halbert’s philosophy, the article stresses the importance of having a singular, standout advantage in your business, akin to having a “starving crowd” in the context of a hamburger stand.
  2. Importance of a Starving Crowd: In direct response marketing, success hinges on identifying groups of people with a demonstrated, urgent need for a specific product or service.
  3. Challenges in a Saturated Market: Roofing companies often struggle to find their unique advantage when operating in areas heavily saturated with competitors, especially after events like storms, where homeowners are overwhelmed with choices.
  4. Lack of Differentiation: Many roofing companies fail to distinguish themselves from the competition, appearing identical to overwhelmed homeowners despite claiming differences.
  5. Beyond Surface-Level Differences: While companies may invest in superficial aspects like professional attire or branded vehicles, these elements don’t necessarily convey a compelling unique advantage to potential customers.
  6. Misplaced Focus: Companies often mistakenly believe that prospects are interested in their accolades, history, or success, neglecting the customer’s primary concerns and needs.
  7. The Necessity of Discovery: The article underscores that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer; each company must introspect and discover its unique advantage in the marketplace.
  8. Existential Risk of Non-Differentiation: Without identifying and leveraging their unique advantage, roofing companies risk being drowned out by competition and potentially going out of business.
  9. Universal Potential: The assertion is that every company possesses a unique advantage, but it requires a keen understanding of one’s services, customer needs, and market dynamics to uncover it.
  10. Prompt Towards Self-Analysis: The article concludes with a nudge for roofing businesses to engage in serious self-evaluation to identify the unique aspect they bring to the table, which will attract their “starving crowd” amidst the fierce competition. This introspection is essential for survival and success in the crowded market.

Finding Your One Advantage

If you’re working the same hail storm, hurricane, or tornado as every other roofing company in a 300 mile radius, you may be a little confused as to exactly how you can find and leverage your one advantage.

When the roofing salespeople are lined up on the sidewalk outside, waiting for their chance to pitch the same overwhelmed homeowner with basically the same pitch you just pitched, there’s not much chance you’re talking to a starving crowd.

When there’s enough flyers on the front door to start a small fire, you’re probably not talking to a starving crowd. Overwhelmed, confused, weary, exhausted, or maybe angry, but definitely not starving.

You know there’s people out there who want and need to buy your service, but you’re having a hard time finding your starving crowd because your competition is all around you. Well, that’s your first clue.

Just Like Everybody Else

You look like, feel like, sound like, and smell like most of your competition.

You say you’re different, and you probably are, but your best prospects couldn’t pick you out of a lineup if they had to quickly choose.

You’re a lot better than “Chuck in a Truck,” but you’re not competing against just Chuck. That’s your second clue.

You still think your prospects are interested in you, your company, your awards, your story, and your overall greatness on the planet. Sure, you have the coolest shirts and drive the nicest trucks, but you still think it is all about you…and that’s your third clue.

I’m not going to come out and tell you exactly what your one advantage is over all your competition because there’s no way for me to know what your one advantage could be, but you’ll have to discover your own starving crowd while working in the waves of competition all around you.

And if you don’t find your one advantage soon, you’ll be out of business.

However, I will tell you that everybody has one, and I hope you find your one advantage soon…

…and that’s your last clue.


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