Are You a “REAL” Roofer?

Roofers vs Salespeople

We all understand that selling roofs is not the same thing as installing roofs.

The average consumer will generically refer to most anybody in the roofing business as a “roofer” — and it’s important to develop your “roofer” knowledge — but there is an important difference between “selling” a roof and “installing” a roof.

If you’re selling roofs, you’re a “roofer” as far as your prospect is concerned.

You Are What They Think You Are

You may not have a lot of experience installing roofs, and many successful roofing salespeople don’t, but it’s important you understand your prospect’s perspective AND how your competition may try to position themselves against you.

In many roofing companies, the same person selling the roof is the same person installing the roof — or maybe directly supervising the crew. Often, the lead installer’s name is the exact same name as the roofing company. They’re proud of their work experience, and they should be!

However, because they have a lifetime of valuable “roofer” experience, they default to a sales angle that leans heavily on selling their personal installer experience. Many of these installers strongly believe a consumer should only buy a new roof from a “roofer” with real-world installation experience; ideally, the “roofer” with the most experience.

That makes sense why they would feel that way, right?

Why We Call Them Salespeople

However, after a major insurable event, not all of the roofs will be sold by a “roofer.” I dare say, most of the new roofs will NOT be sold by a “roofer.” Many will be quickly sold by roofing salespeople… and then later installed by the roofing company’s “roofers.” In other words, the person selling the job won’t be the same person installing the job.

As you can imagine, this is extremely frustrating for “roofers” who are more skilled at the art of installation than they are in “the art of selling.”

Not only that, once a “roofer” gets busy installing roofs, they have even less time for selling roofs. They’re up there on the roof sweating out another installation with their crew. Meanwhile, teams of canvassers and salespeople flood the streets below knocking doors, giving presentations, and planting new yard signs.

Many of the roofs being sold right out from under their nose are being sold by people with inferior installation skills — but often superior sales skills, or at least far more time to focus only on selling.

Real Roofers Aren’t Happy

Now, if you’re a professional “roofer” with years of real-world roofing experience, how do you think you’d feel?

That’s right, probably not very happy; maybe even a little bitter, jaded, sarcastic, or cynical.

Every once in awhile you’ll find a “roofer” who wakes up and gets it.

They’ll focus on doing what they do best — roofing — and recruit salespeople, with far less installation experience, to hit the streets and do what they do best — selling! In fact, you should reach out to me if you’re a real roofer because I can help you do that.

Are you a “REAL” roofer or aren’t you?


P.S. Hit me up with your answer by contacting me. I want to hear your opinion!