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Do you need more roofing jobs? Get exclusive roofing leads from Google Pay Per Click.

Advertising is expensive... especially when you're wasting your money on bad leads...

The Old Way

The Yellow Pages worked great 20 years ago. Radio, TV, Billboards, Direct Mail, and Newspaper struggle to bring you a consistent lead flow.

The New Phone Book

Google Advertising is the NEW Phone Book. Google is one of the most profitable companies in the world because people click on their ads -- you want your company to be seen, right?

Roofing Lead Generation

If you have a monthly advertising budget of at least $2500, book your strategy session using the form above.

  • Google Partner
  • Leads Call You Directly OR Fill Out A Lead Form
  • Advanced Conversion & Call Tracking System
  • Absolutely No Long-Term Contracts
  • Minimum Monthly Budget of $2500 Required

Get The Best Roofing Leads to Grow Your Roofing Company

Results May Vary Individually

Dear Friend,

You need more leads, don't you?

Maybe you and your company are doing okay, maybe even great, but you know you need to get in front of more qualified prospects to increase your roofing sales.

You've always been a good closer, and you might even have some great salespeople on your team, but there's more to running a company than making sales -- inspections, estimates, production, files, invoicing, suppliers, salespeople, and so much more.

You don't have time to focus on making the phone ring. Hey, you've tried, really tried, to do everything, but you can't do it all -- and counting on somebody else has been risky.

If you and your salespeople could see more prospects, without doing all the prospecting, that would help you because you would save time.

Prospecting takes time. Marketing takes time. Time is the one thing in short supply for most roofing company owners.

Maybe you're still trying to do all of your own marketing and advertising, but it isn't working, or it's not working fast enough.

You're not sure what's going on. You've built the website, posted on Facebook a bunch of times, but nothing works very well. Your phone is still not ringing!

Maybe you've paid somebody else to do it for you. Talk about a waste of money, right!

You've bought a bunch of leads where nobody answered the phone, or they didn't know what you were talking about, or your competitor sold them a new roof two days before you ever got the lead.

The lead company gets all of your money and you get almost nothing.

The few things you've managed to sell from those junk leads aren't worth it. You do all the work, the lead company gets all your money. That's frustrating, isn't it?

It was John Wanamaker in the early 1900's who famously complained, "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half."

When I left the corporate marketing world, I had over 17k clients and a team of 50+ advertising experts working for me to generate fresh, hot leads, to make the phone ring.

It's really no secret, but I still manage the marketing for a few private clients who are able to meet my crazy strict qualifications. I don't like clients. Never have. Most of them are downright mean, demanding, and abusive.

But there's been a few who've impressed me enough to work with me -- they all also have one thing in common: they pay me good money to make the phone ring...and they keep paying me because it's working!

How To Get More Roofing Leads

If you have a budget of at least $2500/month we should talk.

Book your strategy session with me using the form below and fill out the application.

Is Approval Guaranteed?

No, there is an application you have to fill out to get on the phone with me, and there are certain geographic restrictions, and there's a small cost to book your strategy session.

I'm opening my new roofing lead generation & optimization program to a few more private clients on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you'd like to be considered, and you can meet my strict pre-qualification standards, pick your Date & Time and fill out the application using the form above.

We'll get on the phone and talk about what it would take to get your phone ringing with hot, fresh roofing leads.


  • Company owners only.
  • Not available to salespeople.
  • One roofing company per market.
  • Solid and verifiable reputation.
  • Local, established home office.
  • Bank records or income statement.

If you want to schedule a consultation for my program, and you have no problem meeting the above standards, you should apply by scheduling a strategy session. Once I receive your application, we'll schedule a phone interview to answer your questions and see if we're a good fit for each other.

Roofing Leads Texas

I have very few openings for major cities in Texas. DFW, Tyler, East Texas, San Antonio, and Midland/Odessa are full. However, I do have a few openings, including Houston. Please contact me to check for territory availability.

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