How a Software Salesman Became Successful in Roofing Sales

Changing careers to roofing sales
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Roofing Sales Interview

Roofing Sales Interview

I recently sat down with Matt Jones, veteran roofing salesman, at the Saltgrass Steak House in Arlington, TX. to do a quick audio interview.

Matt didn’t know he was going to get interviewed, but I whipped out my voice recorder and got him to open up with some inside information about how he got started in roofing sales.

He’s got a great success story. Matt left a boring software sales job, without a lick of construction experience, and jumped full-time into roofing sales just a few years ago.

That would scare most people to death. If you’re like I am, you’ll be impressed as he explains the methodical way he went about making the decision to sell roofs for a living.

One of the hardest things to do in roofing sales is to just get started.

Matt will tell you the secret to why he believes he was able to get moving quickly and do so well in a business where so many fail, get depressed, or give up after making a little bit of money.

You’ll also hear Matt share some of the strategies he learned early on, the specific tactics he used, and the struggles he’s overcome.

What I really like about Matt is that he’s offered to take your phone calls, from anywhere in the country, with no cost or obligation. He wants to help people. That’s my philosophy too. I dig guys who are willing to do the same.

There’s enough business to go around and you’ll always reap what you sow in life. Matt is one of the good guys.

If you’re struggling to get started, or stay motivated, I suggest you pick up the phone and call Matt or reach out to him by email. He gives you his phone and email contact information toward the end of the interview.

The interview takes 10-12 minutes. Let me know what you think in the comments section below or join the conversation over on Facebook.


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Mike Coday

Mike Coday is a retired youth pastor turned serial entrepreneur, roofing marketing consultant, author, speaker, sales trainer, and sentimental family man. His expertise is coaching roofers to the next level of success.

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