Sales Domination System: This program is now exclusively available as a part of my Private Training Events. To get your sales team trained on "The 5 Modules of Roofing Sales Domination" contact Mike for available scheduling opportunities.

Pull back the curtains and discover my personal door-to-door sales system. No secret will be held back. Connect all the dots in my step-by-step master class on roofing sales domination when you schedule a Private Training Event.

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  • Full Audio Files Download

    When you book your Private Training Event, every member of your sales team will be able to download the entire audio program for easy memorization with simple word-for-word scripts. They can listen and learn before the event.

  • Master Workbook Download

    Your sales team will dig down deep and discover how each of the ‘5 Modules’ disarms the skeptics, quickly builds credibility, and isolates the competition. They can practice the winning pitch using this master workbook.

  • Two Hour Coaching Session

    We will devote two full hours of intense coaching with your sales team at your next Private Training Event. They will understand the modules, ask questions, and do live role-playing to reinforce the Sales Domination System.

Private Training on The 5 Sales Domination System Modules

Here's How My Classified Training Program Can Help Your Sales Team



  • The fastest, easiest way to set a good appointment with a stranger.
  • How to leverage your competition when you're not even busy.
  • Kill automatic rejection by using the Law of Consistency.


  • Get paid for your valuable time and professional expertise.
  • Demand integrity and respect from every prospect.
  • Be willing to walk away and optimize your income.


  • How to give yourself free trust and credibility with every prospect.
  • The one thing you have to say before anybody says anything.
  • Relax and let the chips fall where they may.


  • Quit hard selling because you could be taking easy orders.
  • Play a fun game of freeze tag with your competition.
  • Live in the world you create with your own words.


  • Get the check without asking or waiting around all day.
  • Eliminate most complaints with a weird mind trick.
  • Take a list of referrals without trying very hard.

My Ultimate Roofing Sales Training Program

The 5 Modules of Roofing Sales Domination is my master system -- personally developed from over 20 years in the field selling roofs door-to-door.

When you book your Private Training Event, you'll get the full audio download program, the written workbook download, and we'll devote at least two hours to coaching your sales team when we hold the event.

Yes, my Private Training Events are expensive, but anything worth having is going to cost real money. This is now the only way you can get the Sales Domination System.

Some of your sales team will likely do better than others with the system, results may vary by individual, but we want to train your entire sales team and the Private Training Event is the ideal setting for making the most impact.

Mike Coday
Mike Coday Roofing Salesman

Private Training Events & Private Sales Training

If you want to scale your roofing business, you want to scale the ability of your sales team.

It has been said that professionals can't afford free because free takes too much time to piece all the information together. Time is money in roofing sales. Take advantage of my experience and book a Private Training Event for your team.

I've written loads of valuable, free material for the entire roofing community over the last several years. If all you can afford is free, there's a wealth of information on this website already...and more being added all the time.

If you want to slash your learning curve, then now is the time to book your Private Training Event. Contact Mike for upcoming scheduling availability. Once your event is booked and confirmed, you will get access to the audio files and downloadable workbook to share with your sales team. We will do the coaching live at your event.

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Your 'Sales Domination System' Audio Files and Workbook will be available for download after your Private Training Event has been booked and confirmed. We will devote at least 2 hours of coaching during your event to get your team ready to use the system out in the field.


Here's what Kit England from Rio Blanco Roofing & Restoration, LLC had to say about "The Sales Domination System" training:

Hey Mike,

Yesterday was the best day I've had for sales in my brand new roofing company and most of it is due to using your Sales Domination System.

I was putting on the roof that I just got 'adjuster approved' doing 'Door to Door' sales around the neighborhood using your Module 1 script. I got 5 new prospects. I'm ecstatic.

I have a busy day today inspecting roofs.

Two of the homeowners told me right away that we would not be able to use insurance as they had already gotten the roofs totaled and spent the money BUT they are both ready to replace their roofs anyway and want me to give them an estimate.

Another told me that they want to replace their roof whether I find storm damage or not. All of the roofs in that neighborhood are 22 to 23 year old 3-tabs.

Another couple were just packing their car to go out of town for Spring break but want me to call them next week. Very productive day.

The script for Module 1 works great. It grabs their attention in those 1st critical seconds, just as you said. I love it.

Just one of those leads will pay for your system many times over, when converted from lead to job, but if I get even 3 of the 5 contracted the ROI for my 'investment' in your system will be incredible and that's just in one day.

Amazing. Beats the hell out of putting that money into any other form of marketing or advertising that I can think of.

Well, I need to get going and start practicing my Module 2 script for today. Practice makes perfect.

Again, I want to thank you Mike for your system and for the time you've spent helping me with the coaching. I'll keep you informed about how everything is going.

Please feel free to use me as a reference. I'll be happy to talk to anybody about your system.

BTW, my customers from yesterday are ecstatic with getting their new, paid for roof. They're going to write me a referral letter AND they are going to spread the word to their 70 member motorcycle group that he is president of.

Kit England
Kit England Rio Blanco Roofing & Restoration, LLC
Contact Mike to book your Private Training Event

Your 'Sales Domination System' Audio Files and Workbook will be available for download after your have booked and confirmed your Private Training Event.

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