Making Money Door To Door

You don't have to like prospecting, you just have to do it. - David Sandler
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Door To Door Sales

I had a veteran roofing salesman call me recently and ask about selling roofs for my company.

In the course of our conversation he said, “I don’t mind running leads, but I don’t like selling door to door.”

Who does?

Selling door to door is a hard job… it’s grown-up work, meant only for people who can live with a daily dose of rejection for long periods of time.

Prospecting Rewards

The rewards for figuring out how to prospect are much greater than the discomfort of knocking on a thousand doors.

Once you learn how to prospect, you can go almost anywhere in the country and make an extremely good living selling roofs after a fresh hail storm. You want to learn how to sell roofs after a hurricane and prospecting is what helps you make money.

On the other hand, if you don’t get door-to-door selling figured out pretty quick, you’ll get real hungry, real fast… and you’ll be begging for your old 8-5 job in no time at all.

What about running leads?

Obviously, everybody wants to run the fresh, hot lead that just called in to the office. The folks begging to sign a contract right now.

The problem is those kind of people don’t call the office very often. Besides, you can’t make a living waiting on prospects to call you.

Let me say that again, you can not make a living waiting on prospects to call you.

And you certainly can’t make a living passing out brochures.

Referrals are Hot Leads

Besides, hot leads like that are called referrals.

They are generated because somebody is doing a great job out in the field taking care of their customer… the customer they most likely got from knocking door to door.

Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that your roofing company had a small stack of leads to hand out every single day.

If they have 3 leads and there’s 5 sales people, who gets the leads?

Who Gets The Leads

Who do you think they’ll give those leads to?

Will it be the sales person who sits around the office drinking coffee waiting for somebody to call them? Sure, they sell a few jobs a week in the early stages of a storm… mainly from hanging around the phones after hours and stealing other people’s referrals.

Will they give those leads to the salesperson who is out in the field fighting through waves of rejection and still closing 6-7 deals a week?

You already know the answer.

You better learn how to sell door-to-door.

Prospecting Help

You can discover good prospecting tips by reading all of the articles on this website.

You can get help by asking the veteran sales people in your office for suggestions.

You can even drop me a note on the contact page if you have a specific question.

The best place to get prospecting help and learning how to sell roofs door-to-door is by getting out in the field.

Fail as fast as you possibly can because that’s how you learn to be successful.

What else do you want to know about selling roofs door-to-door?

Send me your questions. I look forward to hearing from you.


About The Author

Mike Coday

Mike Coday is a retired youth pastor turned serial entrepreneur, roofing marketing consultant, author, speaker, sales trainer, and sentimental family man. His expertise is coaching roofers to the next level of success.

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  • joshua camey

    Reply Reply May 11, 2013

    Hello. Awesome website. I have been in the roofing industry for almost 20 years as a subcontracter.installing roofs is about over for me my body is about cashed out.for a few years now i have been wanting to start a sales career. I believe in myself and have alot of estimating experience. I am having a hard time finding a good company that will give a shot. I am nervous about storming cause waiting so long for commission checks i know can beggars at this how do these ppl live until checks roll in

  • larry cortner

    Reply Reply May 5, 2012

    That was some great advise mike,and your a very honorable man for sharing that.I am just getting started ,I havent even sold my first roof yet. thank you. larry.

    • mike

      Reply Reply May 5, 2012

      You will Larry!

      Just keep knocking. Smile a lot and get them talking to you. Much easier to sell after a good conversation.

  • Chad Crawford

    Reply Reply March 31, 2012

    I just left TN to IN to go sell roofs on a hope in a dream. I believe in my self I just signed 4 home owner agreements in the first 14 days and have alot of refferals if I can show the other peps some jobs completed ! I just believe in being your self and trust in the company that you are with!!!!!

  • mike quinn

    Reply Reply August 4, 2011

    Mike, I appreciate and value your knowledge. Where do you think the hotspot is ? I desire ( and need) to make 5k per week. What is the shelf life of a storm? I sold and installed 40 here in Kansas since April 3 but it’s fizzling here now… MQ

    • mike

      Reply Reply August 14, 2011


      I hope you’ve been able to find a good company to get on with down here in DFW.

      Thanks for calling. Wish you the very best.

  • Mike

    Reply Reply May 28, 2011


    I’m looking to get into selling roofs door to door…..what advice would you give a rookie starting out?

  • mike

    Reply Reply March 24, 2011


    That’s a common problem… finding people you can trust.

    My best advice if you’re going to hire somebody to generate leads for you is to hire a college student… you can post a job at the local student campus or with the job placement office.

    In my experience, college students are more likely to take a commission only job if you offer them extremely flexible hours. Take them out with you and show them what you do to generate leads for yourself. Pay them on a bonus sliding scale… the more leads they generate, the more they get paid.

    Hope that helps Blake.

    Good Luck,

  • blake baggett

    Reply Reply February 25, 2011

    I have been door to door selling for three years and ive made enough money to pay for leads but cant find anybody I can trust or believe that they will do good bye me. Can you help Blake

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