REVEALED: The Truth about Working Hard

Lunch with Richard Healy

Sharpen The Axe

Dear Friend,

The idea that working hard is the key to success is only partially true.

We all know people who work hard, but they make very little money for all their effort.

What a shame!

The dull axe works hard – harder than it should.

We get a lot more firewood with the same amount of effort using a sharp axe instead.

That’s why I’m a proponent of investing your time and money exposing yourself to people and experiences that’ll sharpen you.

Spending 60 minutes prospecting with a dull axe isn’t much fun.

What a waste of time!

Better to spend 30 minutes sharpening your skills, attitude, and desire…

…and then spend the next 30 minutes prospecting.

Working hard isn’t about physical activity.

That’s a terrible lie – one that will hold you back in your sales career.

The hardest work a sales person may do all day is to control their attitude.

For some, this is really hard work, but it can be the highest paying work you do all day.

If you’re going to work hard, work hard on your attitude, work hard developing your confidence, and work hard on sharpening your skills.


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