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Valuable Information

Hi Mike,

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the time you spent with me this morning and more importantly thank you for the sales information you shared with me. I really enjoyed the visit. I truly believe that this information will be invaluable to me and my sales staff. I also look forward to the next time we’re able to get together.

I Thank You Again
Doug Higgins
Eagle Roof Systems
Crown Roofing & Construction

Keep The Advantage I Have


First of all, thank you for what you do.

As an owner of a small family owned roofing company, I find it most challenging to find salesman. For me it is a natural thing to go out and knock doors. I personally can get my foot on the roof! What I mean is I have no problem getting homeowners to let me inspect the roof for storm damage and with my documentation, I normally have no issue with signing a client up for a full restoration of their property.

What brought me to your website and facebook page was simply trying to keep the advantage I have and to learn how to help train salesmen and women. This has to be one of the toughest jobs ever! I find it hard to communicate to sales staff on what I think or know would get them in the door(or on the roof). I can point them to your page all day long but the problem lies in getting their attention. The audio files offer the “on the go” experience that most of us have become accustomed to these days. With todays technology it is so much simpler to just play the audio file in between appointments or while running other errands. I get the message much better from the listening effect than I do when I read the web pages.

Our company can hardly wait to recruit new sales staff and share your audio files with them to help get the kick start on who, what, where, how, and when. The do’s and don’t’s of selling a roof if you would. It is my opinion that if after one listens to your audio files, ask some questions for understanding if needed, and studies a bit about roofing procedures that if they can not sell a roof, then they most likely were not born to be a salesman. This review is partial to my listening only and I will be glad to add more from my sales staff as soon as they get going. Thaks Mike for all you do!

Brock Darr
214 Roofing

I Was Broke

Hi Mike,

2 weeks ago I made the decision to jump into roofing sales.

I was broke, I mean eating peanut butter and jelly, behind on rent, and begging and borrowing gas money kind of broke. I have been looking for work for a little while and have especially kept my eyes peeled for a roofing sales job since exploring your site.

I finally saw a local ad. This company pays 44% of gross profit with no overhead, I had my cards and magnets 3 days after starting.

I’ve worked in the door to door auto glass industry in Arizona for 6 or 7 years so door knocking is second nature.

My first prospect I spoke with I sold. She had Travelers Insurance, thank God, and they paid the roof immediately at the adjuster meeting. I know this isn’t customary with other insurance, but it got me out of the hole. Since then, I’ve had one more roof bought (reads 1st check in hand, building tomorrow) and one more adjuster meeting early next week.

I’m thrilled by the success so far and thought it might be an encouragement for others new in the industry that aren’t picking up so quickly.

Again thanks to everyone who comments on the articles and thanks to Mike for the articles in the first place.

February 21, 2013

I Couldn’t Get Over My Shyness


I had been training with a couple different guys in the roofing business and I just couldn’t get over my shyness.[pullquote align=”right”]I just couldn’t get over my shyness.[/pullquote]

Also, I could see homeowners giving these guys bad vibes at the door which made me feel like they were saying something wrong.

I found your site and decided to go on my own and find my own way of talking at the door. I found out that being yourself and bringing up small talk like you said had a serious effect on closing deals. I went from maybe one deal a week to now 26 deals in one month.

I can’t thank you enough for all the advice. Even with referrals coming in, I still knock doors every day and I have never enjoyed a job as much as this.

I took a RISK and it rewarded my wife and I well… thanks again!!!

January 15, 2013

Dear Roofing Sales Community,

contact me with your story and I’ll post it to this page. Feel free to include your name, company name and I’ll even give you a link back to your website if you’d like.


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