The Big, Bold, and Audacious Promise

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The big, bold, audacious promise.

Every pitch has a promise… or at least, it should.

If you’re making a pitch without a promise, you probably aren’t selling much.

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The best promises, the kind that really sell, are the one’s that are big, bold, and audacious… and most of all, true!

Think about this, if you’re not offering a big, bold, and audacious promise, why would your prospect want to see your mouth moving?

This is especially true in a competitive market. If your pitch sounds exactly like your competitor’s pitch, — Hi! I’m somebody you don’t care about with some company you’ve never heard about. I just came by to bother you about something you could get cheaper from the next salesperson who knocks your door. — what’s so big, bold, and audacious about that?

In a word, NOTHING!

How To Get Nothing

And that’s exactly what you’ll get, nothing!

That’s because your pitch sounds small, tiny, and timid to your prospect… if they even hear you at all. By the time you tell them the name of your roofing company, they’ve already come up with the quickest way to get rid of you. They’ve been quietly practicing in their mind while you’ve been busy saying nothing.

Every successful product or service comes with a big, bold, audacious promise. A promise that you can only get from doing business with that company or using that particular product.

The Quaker® caramel corn popped rice snacks on my desk come in “Special Pack 20% More” packaging. My Coke® Zero has “Real Cocal-Cola Taste and Zero Calories”. My little pack of Vanilla Bean flavored almonds come in a handy “100 Calorie Pack” to help me keep my sexy figure.

What’s Your Promise?

What’s your promise?

Every roofing company, every salesperson, everybody should have their own big promise — one that is unique to you and your company. Your promise should make your prospects want to do business with you specifically. In other words, your promise shouldn’t work for me, and my promise shouldn’t work for you.

Is there any possible way for you to make your promise bigger, bolder, and more audacious?

The Promise Warning

Prospects only believe a percentage of the promise.

I don’t know how many times I’ve had a client tell me they didn’t believe I would do absolutely everything I told them I would do in advance.

If you’ll think back on your own selling or buying experiences, we have a tendency to take whatever a salesperson tells us and then divide it in half or more. We think to ourselves, “If they just do half of what they’ve said they would, we’ll be doing okay.”

The American public expects to get screwed.

Unfortunately, we all have experiences of people telling us something that sounds too good to be true, only to find out later that our initial suspicions were true.

That shouldn’t keep you from making your big, bold, and audacious promises. Just don’t expect that everything you say will be believed 100% of the time unless what you say falls in line with this simple rule…

Prospects believe some of what you tell them, most of what other people tell them, and every single thing they tell themselves.

Seriously, I would love to hear your big, bold, and audacious promise. Leave it in the comment section below.

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