Okay, what’s the catch Mike?

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I guess I don’t blame folks for asking…

Once or twice a week, I’ll get an email from somebody basically saying,

“Mike, I really appreciate the great advice, but why do you do it?”

What they really want to know is, what’s in it for me?

There’s no shortage of skepticism when it comes to helping people. If you’ve sold roofs for a few weeks, you know that’s true.

We all do things for a reason. There’s a reason why you’re reading this very sentence right now… and it isn’t because you like to read random articles written by guys named Mike.

Why Do I Write?

Some might say I write these articles to recruit sales people for Fireman Roofing here in Dallas / Fort Worth.

As anyone can tell you who has called or emailed me to ask about selling roofs with us, I almost always refer folks to another roofing company because we purposely keep Fireman Roofing very small… probably too small.

As of this writing, only 2 guys who have ever read these articles sell roofs for Fireman Roofing. I get phone calls and emails all the time from people who want to sell roofs, but I seldom recruit them… I just help them.

One of the two is a young man headed to the Fire Academy when roofing slows down again. He sells roofs full-time now and is the type of kid you would hope your daughter marries.

The other fellow is a crusty, seasoned insurance adjuster who sells roofs with us when he’s not deployed on a storm. He’s a man of integrity and honor. I learn more from him than he learns from me. The next big storm or hurricane and he’ll be back on the road.

There’s others who sell roofs with us, but they don’t read the articles. Most of the guys at the fire station probably don’t even know about this website. That’s alright though… it wasn’t written for them…

These articles were written to help you!

The Foundation of Success

Choosing a good roofing company to sell for is foundational to becoming successful in roofing sales. There’s literally 1000’s of really good roofing companies out there. Sure, there’s a bad apple in every bunch, but it shouldn’t be a problem to find a good roofing company.

Here’s the real reason why I write these articles…

#1 I desperately need to give back.

#2 I desperately need to give back to people who can’t do anything to help me in return.

#3 I desperately need to give back to people who desperately need the help.

Reason For My Desperation

There’s been more than a few times in my life when I didn’t know what I was going to do, how I would feed my kids, put gas in my car… whether I could even keep my car… or my house.

If you’ve ever went to bed at night and listened to your family sleep while the weight of the world crushed your chest with thoughts of worried desperation, you know there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to get that weight off you.

Hey, I’ve been there. I know that desperation. That’s why I desperately need to give back.

I used to think that prosperity was limited… the rich kept it all and there was no chance for me to get any of it unless I got it from them… and then they would have less.

Why would they want to do that? It didn’t make sense.

The Universal Law

I didn’t understand that resources expand and contract based on universal laws… laws that seem to be contrary to common sense.

I was limited by my poverty mindset and captive by my limiting belief.

There’s a law that God set into motion at the creation of the universe that is still as powerful today as it was back then. Sadly, most people will never understand this law fully.

Here’s the law…

You harvest what you plant… and you’ll plant what you harvest. It’s called seed time and harvest… otherwise known as “sowing and reaping”.

The apple tree was made with apple seeds so more apple trees could grow. It can’t grow oranges because it wasn’t made with orange seeds… that’s a job for an orange tree.

If the apple seeds never make it back into the ground, the apples go away.

If you put more apple seeds in the ground, you get more apples. Less seeds equals less apples.

That’s a lesson they teach in Kindergarten. Remember good ‘ole Johnny Appleseed?

You Can Succeed Too

If we ever have an apple shortage in this country, it won’t be because we don’t have enough seeds. It will be because we don’t have enough planting of apple seeds.

That won’t stop people from complaining about rich people not sharing their apples, but that won’t be the problem. The problem is when you eat your seed, hoard your seed or do anything other than plant your seed.

The supply of apples is virtually limitless. It expands according to the law of seed time and harvest.

Now here’s where it gets interesting… just as important as planting the seed is where you plant the seed.

If I try planting apple seeds on the hot, hard pavement, they’ll shrivel up and die. They’ve got no chance to grow unless they’re planted on good ground.

That won’t stop people from complaining about rich people having all the good ground, but that won’t be the problem. The problem is that good ground is everywhere, even in your own backyard… your ground just needs a little work.

The supply of ground available to plant apples is virtually limitless… making it possible for a limitless supply of apples. It all expands and contracts based on the laws of seed time and harvest.

Plant Your Seed

Now, I’m no apple tree and neither are you, but we both have talents and abilities that we can either share with the world or hoard to ourselves.

Inside of us are seeds of greatness waiting to be planted. My seeds happen to be along the lines of sales & marketing. They weren’t much when I started, but I’ve been faithful to plant and harvest my talents for a few years now. The growth has been steady… as it will be for you when you do the same.

What you choose to do with your seed determines your harvest.

Where you choose to plant your seed determines the abundance of your harvest.

I can think of no better place to invest than in you.

You’re good ground.


About The Author

Mike Coday

Mike Coday is a retired youth pastor turned serial entrepreneur, roofing marketing consultant, author, speaker, sales trainer, and sentimental family man. His expertise is coaching roofers to the next level of success.

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  • David Stephens

    Reply Reply February 11, 2012

    There are a bunch of us out here that read your stuff. Thanks a lot!

    • mike

      Reply Reply February 17, 2012

      Thank you David!

  • Timothy

    Reply Reply February 11, 2012

    That was a great word Mike. Too bad most people in this world don’t think and act on such thoughts. Good to know some still do. Keep doing what your doing.

    Timothy Healy
    Healy Contracting

    • mike

      Reply Reply February 17, 2012

      Thank you Tim! Love you Bubba.

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