Okay, Mike. What’s the catch?

Letter to Kevin Barrelle

Giving Is Better Than Receiving

I don’t blame folks for asking…

Once or twice a week, I’ll get an email from somebody basically asking, “Mike, I appreciate all the advice and motivation, but why do you do it?”

What they really want to know is, what’s in it for me?

There’s no shortage of skepticism when it comes to helping people. If you’ve sold roofs for a few weeks, or a few years, you know that’s true: People Are Skeptical!

We all do things for a reason. There’s a reason why you’re reading this particular sentence right now…and it isn’t because you like to read random articles written by people with the first name of Mike.

Quick Summary

  1. Questioning Motives: The author addresses the skepticism he faces, with people questioning why he invests time and effort in providing free advice and guidance.
  2. Overcoming Skepticism: He acknowledges the pervasive skepticism in society, especially in industries like roofing sales, where people doubt the intentions behind acts of assistance.
  3. Purpose Behind Writing: Contrary to the belief that his articles aim to recruit salespeople, the author clarifies that his primary motive is to help salespeople grow and succeed in their field.
  4. Positive Outcomes of Helping: By helping others, the author experienced unforeseen opportunities, such as speaking engagements and consulting roles, affirming that good things come from selfless acts.
  5. Driving Force of Giving Back: The author was compelled to assist others, particularly those who couldn’t reciprocate, due to his past struggles and knowing the desperation of financial instability.
  6. Misconception of Limited Prosperity: He discusses his former belief in the scarcity of wealth and success, thinking it was confined to the rich, a mindset he identifies as limiting and incorrect.
  7. Law of Seed Time and Harvest: The author introduces the concept of “sowing and reaping,” explaining that what you contribute to the world, you get back in abundance, a principle he sees as a universal law.
  8. Importance of Planting Seeds: Drawing an analogy with planting seeds, he emphasizes that success and abundance are about utilizing one’s resources (seeds) effectively rather than hoarding them.
  9. Choosing the Right Ground: The potential for success (harvest) depends on where one chooses to invest their resources (plant seeds). The author encourages planting seeds in ‘good ground’ for the best outcomes.
  10. Investing in Others as Good Ground: Concluding on a motivational note, the author sees every individual as ‘good ground,’ capable of greatness. He views his writings as seeds planted for the readers’ future success, encouraging them to reach out if they need further assistance.

Why Do I Write These Articles?

Some might say I write these articles to recruit roofing salespeople.

I don’t write to recruit salespeople; I write to help salespeople. If you’re reading this, it’s because I want to help you, not recruit you.

These articles were written to help you!

A few years ago, I got a call from my favorite shingle manufacturer, GAF, asking me to keynote for their events held around the country. They had been watching my videos and reading my articles. Speaking at these big conventions is always a lot of fun. I get to meet my readers and shake their hands. We even take a few pictures together.

What Am I Doing Now?

I’ve gone on to travel and work directly with great roofing companies around the country. I work directly with the company owners and occasionally still hold training events for their salespeople. I have a roofing sales mastermind group, do consulting work, have an online sales education program, and even have my own small internet marketing agency that helps roofers get more roofing leads.


Good things eventually happen when you go out of your way to help people.


I Desperately Needed To Help

Here’s the real reason why I wrote these articles…

#1 I desperately needed to give back.

#2 I desperately needed to give back to people who can’t do anything to help me in return.

#3 I desperately needed to give back to people who desperately needed the help.

The Reason For My Desperation

There’s been more than a few times in my life when I didn’t know what I was going to do, how I would feed my kids, put gas in my car…whether I could even keep my car…or my home.

If you’ve gone to bed at night and listened to your family sleep while the weight of the world crushed your chest with thoughts of worried desperation, you know there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to get that weight off of you.

I’ve been there. I know that kind of desperation. I suspect you do too. That’s why I desperately needed to help other people.

I used to think prosperity was limited…the rich kept it all and there was no chance for me to get any of it unless I got a little bit of it back from them…and then they would have less because I got some of theirs.

The Universal Law

I didn’t understand that resources expand and contract based on universal laws…laws that seem to be contrary to common sense.

I was limited by my poverty mindset, being held captive by my own limiting beliefs.

There’s a law God set into motion at the creation of the universe; it’s still as powerful today as it was then. Sadly, most people will never understand this law fully.

Here’s how the law works…

You harvest what you plant…and you plant what you harvest.

This is the law of seed time and harvest…commonly referred to as “sowing and reaping.”

The apple tree was made with apple seeds so more apple trees could grow. It can’t grow oranges because it wasn’t made with orange seeds…growing oranges is an orange tree’s job.

If the apple seeds never make it back into the ground, the apples go away.

If you put more apple seeds in the ground, you get more apples. Less seed equals less apples.

That’s a lesson they teach in Kindergarten. Remember good ‘ole Johnny Appleseed?

You Can Succeed Too

If we ever have an apple shortage in this country, it won’t be because we don’t have enough seeds.

The shortage will be because we don’t have enough planting of apple seeds.

That won’t stop people from complaining about rich people not sharing their apples, but that won’t be the problem. The problem is when you eat your seed, hoard your seed, or do anything other than plant your seed, you can not get a harvest because you did not plant your seed.

The supply of apples is virtually limitless. It expands according to the law of seed time and harvest.

Now here’s where it gets interesting…just as important as planting the seed is where you plant the seed.

If I try planting apple seeds on the hot, hard pavement, the seeds will shrivel up and die. They’ve got no chance to grow unless they’re planted on good ground.

That won’t stop people from complaining about rich people having all the good ground, but that won’t be the problem. The problem is that good ground is everywhere, even in your own backyard…your ground just needs a little work.

The supply of ground available to plant apples is virtually limitless…making it possible for a limitless supply of apples. It all expands and contracts based on the law of seed time and harvest.

Plant Your Seed

Now, I’m no apple tree and neither are you, but we both have talents and abilities that we can either share with the world or hoard to ourselves.

Inside of us are seeds of greatness waiting to be planted. My seeds happen to be along the lines of sales & marketing. They weren’t much when I started, but I’ve been faithful to plant and harvest my talents for a few years now. The growth has been steady…as it will be for you when you do the same.

What you choose to do with your seed determines your harvest.

Where you choose to plant your seed determines the abundance of your harvest.

I can think of no better place to invest than in you.

You’re good ground.


P.S. I’ve written these articles to help you succeed. This is me planting seed into the future success of your life. If you find yourself needing more help than what you’ve read in my articles, please reach out to me on my contact page.