You’re Not Superman

Are You Killing Your Sales?

Here’s what prospects believe about almost all salespeople… “THEY ARE LIARS!”

The good news is that the bar is set so low that it shouldn’t be that difficult for you to exceed their expectations.

Even after they sign the contract, they still halfway expect you to let them down.

Don’t Do It!

Let them down and you kill your future sales. They probably know a few people they could refer you to if everything goes better than you said it would. However, you’re not getting anywhere near their friends and family if you slip up even the slightest.

Lower Expectations

I once heard Dave Chappelle tell an audience to “lower your expectations”. A guy can only be so funny… even if you are Dave Chappelle.

Same is true with you… you can only be so good.

When you promise the moon and one shingle falls on their rose bush breaking off a tiny petal… well, you’ll never meet that expectation.

Tell your customers the truth. Let them know you occasionally make mistakes, but it is okay… because you’ll be there to take care of it… then BE THERE!


When you tell the truth, even when things go wrong, you earn credibility. You exchange that credibility for future sales and referrals.

Don’t frustrate yourself trying to live up to a standard that neither you, your crew or your roofing company can live up to.

You’re not Superman… you’re a roofer, man.


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