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It’s physically impossible to be in 2 places at the same time. 🍿 Likewise, we can’t be the OLD version of ourselves and the NEW version at the same time. It’s one or the other. 💡 If you’re going to change, it’s time to sell out, let go, release, and move now into the company […]

Profitable Endings

PROFITABLE ENDINGS 💰 The tomorrow you want may not come if you can’t end some of the things you’re doing today. When these things don’t come to an end, heaviness and low energy steal the joy of running your company. We get so busy, it’s hard to think about why and when to end things. […]

Do You Have Problems?

It’s late, I know, but let me share this before I fall asleep… 🍿 Folks get frustrated about the longevity of their problems. They’re wanting a one-and-done forever fix, and instead they’re stuck with a constant reoccurrence of the same problem, different day. “I shouldn’t have to be dealing with this 💩 anymore. When will […]

Fast or Slow Success

Here’s a major difference I’ve found between people who achieve fast success and those who go slow… Those who go fast implement before they understand. 💥 They don’t understand what they’re about to do, they just do it, and then after they’ve done it they start to understand. instruction 👉 action 👉 fast success 👉 […]

Crime of Comfort

Crime of Comfort 🍿 My Daddy, who was a gospel music singer, had me singing with him on a stage when I was a little kid. 🎶 So, I’ve never really known what it’s like to have stage freight. The strange has never scared me. However, standing in front of people isn’t all there is […]


Micro-managers suck the life out of their own success. 😬 They’re so down in the details of the people in their business, they have zero perspective on growth. Yes, bad things happen when you don’t know what’s going on. You are correct. No argument. But have you considered amazing things can also happen when you […]

Worth More?

Do you want to be worth more? There’s a simple trick to getting yourself, or anyone, or anything, to be worth more. Ready for the answer? Here it is, “If you want to be worth more, you have to pay more.” Similarly, if you want anything in your life to be worth more, you have […]

We Need Help!

WE NEED HELP 🍿 Psychologists tell us desire and accomplishment are inversely related. Often, the more someone wants to reach a goal, the less likely they are to achieve it. 😢 This always sounded counter-intuitive… …until we consider desire alone has very little to do with intelligent action. 😳 Intelligent action does have an ingredient […]

Accuracy Problems

Accuracy is a problem. 🎯 Napoleon Hill talked about the importance of accurate thinking in his timeless classic, “Think & Grow Rich.” 📖 Owners get caught off guard when serious problems arise because they’re busy thinking about the world the way they wish it would be rather than being accurate about how it really is. […]

Does this make sense?

SAVE MONEY 🍿 Do you like to save money? Amazon didn’t overtake Wal-Mart by offering higher prices. Before Amazon, Wal-Mart’s lower prices destroyed small town businesses–who were priced higher. The service may have been better downtown, but that didn’t matter, did it? McDonalds sold billions because they were half as cheap as the downtown diner. […]