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It Has To Be Perfect?

“It has to be perfect before _.” 🍿 Whatever it is… It has to be perfect before they’ll hire new salespeople, expand their business, bring on more staff, invest in advertising, hire a coach, launch the website, etc., etc., etc. You want to protect yourself from failure. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Who wants to fail! […]

How To Hire Roofing Salespeople

I promised to write an article about Hiring Sales People some time ago… I’ve been hesitant to share my insight because my goal here has always been to help the salespeople out in the field who want to learn how to make more money selling roofs. Hiring isn’t important to most of the sales people […]

What You Need To Know About Roofing Leads

* Print this article out. The Lead The lead must be led. A lead is only as good as the salesperson working it. Good salespeople work good leads. Bad salespeople work bad leads. The Experience By the way, how do you think most of the good salespeople became good? That’s right, by door knocking! Nothing […]